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By Mike Johnson on 2007-02-11 23:00:00

Back at the viewing party, Alex Shelley polled everyone over what would happen next.  On the screen, Young told Brooks he shouldn't sign.  Brooks walked off, disrobing.  Young was so excited he agreed to sign.  Once he did, she told him to cover his eyes and wait for her, then rushed out.  She found a waiting Robert Roode.  He told her that she did a good job, then blew her off and walked off.  Bob Backlund rushed into the viewing room screaming about pornography and how they were destroying the family, the city, and the community.  Everyone ran off.

They aired a video feature on Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn.

TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn

I am really hoping they give them a long time here, because the show needs a great wrestling match really bad in my opinion.  Sabin and Lynn went to the mat early doing some good fluid back and forth wrestling.  Lynn went for the cradle piledriver early but Sabin scampered out of the ring.  

Once he returned, they went back into the wrestling.  Sabin hit a hiptoss takeover but Lynn kicked him in the face.  He cinched on a side headlock but Sabin stomped Lynn's foot to break the move.  Sabin locked on a sideheadlock of his own, posing for the camera.  Lynn fought out of it, but Sabin retreated to the ropes to break Lynn's momentum.

Lynn ended up on the outside, but avoided Sabin's dive.  Sabin kicked the ropes as Lynn was entering the ring, crotching him.  Sabin began stomping away on Lynn.  He dragged Lynn backwards into a backbreaker.  He continued to focus on Lynn's back.  He worked over Lynn's back with a surfboard, then drilled Lynn into the corner.  Sabin hit several shoulderblocks.  He left Lynn hanging in the corner and dropkicked Lynn's back for a two count.

They are telling a good story early with Sabin working over Lynn's back.  You can see Sabin continuing to come into his own as a heel as well.  Lynn makes a comeback but is hit with a flapjack into the corner by Sabin.  Sabin goes right back to working on the back.  The fans tried to rally Lynnn as Sabin mocked them.  That was great.

Sabin backed Lynn into the corner and slapped him.  He kept slapping and disrespecting Lynn.  Sabin whipped Lynn into the corner and hit a running back elbow.  Lynn finally fired up and came back with dropkicked and a back bodydrop.  Lynn worked over Sabin in the corner but Sabin cut him off with a spinkick.  Lynn hit a top rope hurrancanrana, but only got a 2 count in the process.

Sabin came back with a springboard boot on Lynn, then kicked him again in the back of the head.  Sabin hit a Tigerbomb but Lynn got his shoulder up right before the three count.  Sabin went for the Cradleshock, but Lynn turned it into a sunset flip for a two count.  Lynn hit a TKO but Sabin kicked out at the last second.  Lynn went for the  Cradle Piledriver but his back was too hurt from earlier.  Sabin rolled up Lynn and held the ropes for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Sabin!

Easily the best match from an in-ring standpoint on the show thus far.  Of course, I could ask why someone didn't come out and ask the referee to re-start the match but logic doesn't often flow well these days in TNA.


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