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By Mike Johnson on 2007-02-11 23:00:00

AJ Styles vs. Rhino: Motor City Chain Match

Real Quick Rules Review: They are linked together by a chain.  There is a key on top of a pole that will allow escape from the chain.  On another pole is a weapon of "Rhino's choice".

They started off with Rhino using the chain to pull Styles towards him while Styles kept trying to evade him out of fear.  Styles' recent heel work has been one of the best things about TNA of late, so this should be interesting.  Styles went outside the ring.  Rhino chased him around the ring, finally catching him and tosses him into the rail and the apron.  He tossed Styles again into the railing.  Styles took over.  They ended up trying to pull each other towards a ringpost.  Styles tried to use his feet to brace himself but slipped and fell.  Rhino finally pulled him into the post. 

Back in the ring, Styles tried to leapfrog Rhino but the chain caught him between the legs.  Rhino yanked and Styles took a flip bump.  Styles caught Rhino as he charged him in the corner.  He dove off the ropes but was caught with a belly to belly suplex.  Rhino went for the gore but Styles dropkicked him.  Styles wrapped the chain around Rhino's chin and began choking him with it.

Styles took down Rhino with a clothesline using the chain.  The crowd began jeering Styles as he had this awesome smug look on his face.  Styles went for the key but Rhino began pulling him down.  Styles jumped down and worked over Rhino with punches and kicks.  Styles hit a springboard forearm for a two count.  Styles turned his attention back to the key.  He almost got to it but Rhino pulled him back into the ride where they collided.

Rhino hit a spinebuster on Styles for a two count.  Rhino got his weapon, a nighstick but AJ yanked the chain and lowblowed Rhino in the process.  Styles grabbed the nightstick and nailed Rhino across the back with it.  He began choking Rhino with the stick, then began wailing away on Rhino with it. 

Styles climbed up and got the key to released himself from the chain.  He hit a top rope frog splash on Rhino.  He walked out of the ring and began heading to the locker room.  Why is Styles' a coward now?  He changed his mind and returned to the ring.  He cuffed the chain to the ring ropes, trapping Rhino. 

He began mocking Rhino with the key, then hit the Pele Kick.  Styles played to the crowd but was caught with a gore by Rhino.  Rhino told Hebner to give him the keys.  Hebner shook his head no then kicked them over to Rhino.  The crowd chanted, "You screwed AJ".  That was funny. 

Rhino cleaned house on Styles and nailed a spinebuster.  He went under the ring and pulled a table out.  Rhino set the table up in the corner, then suplexes Styles with a belly-to-belly.  Rhino went for the gore but Styles ducked.  Rhino went through the table and Styles scored the pin.

Your winner, AJ Styles!

Match was OK.  I liked the finish.

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