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By Mike Johnson on 2007-02-11 23:00:00

Dale Torborg (with AJ Pierzynski) vs. Lance Hoyt (with David Eckstein)

There are a ton of red Team Eckstein shirts at ringside, so I am guessing they gave them out to the fans.  Hoyt avoided a Torborg charge and laid him out with several dropkicks and a flapjack.  They went to the floor.  Hoyt went to suplex Torborg, but Pierzynski lowblowed him.  Hoyt was suplexed on the ramp.  Pierzynski tossed Hoyt into the railing.  Torborg worked over Hoyt as the fans tried to rally him by chanting his name.  Torborg choked Hoyt.  Hoyt made a comeback and hit a clothesline in the corner.  Hoyt missed a charge in the corner.  Torborg went for the pinfall but Hoyt was positioned under the ropes so it wasn't allowed.  Hoyt went to the top for something but slipped as he flipped and instead sort of crashed into the ring, hitting Torborg glancingly.  It looked bad but thankfully no one was injured.  Eckstein began arguing with the referee.  Hoyt went to the top where Pierzynski nailed him with a chair.  He crashed into the ring and was pinned.  Eckstein told the referee about the interference so they restarted the match.  Eckstein's brother Rick nailed Torborg with a chair.  Hoyt hit a TKO on Torborg and scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Lance Hoyt!

Everyone faced off with chairs, building the storyline towards St. Louis.

We went back to the viewing party, where Alex Shelley asked Kevin Nash if he thought what they've seen so far was "arousing and suspenseful." Nash praised it but wanted to know if Ms. Brooks did the deed and got Young's signature.  Shelley said he could have read the spoilers online, but instead they would go to part two. 

Back "on film", Brooks warned Shelley to hide or she would slap him.  Eric Young arrived with flowers and chocolates.  He ate half the chocolates and the flowers were fake.  Brooks took off Young's shirt and said she had a secret to tell him - this was her "first time too".  Young looked happy and shocked, all at once.  Young's delivery is off the charts.  He went to reach for her chest but she maneuvered his hand to sign the contract.  Young said that his friends didn't think it was a good idea. She told Young that his friends would do anything to be in his shoes right now.  She went to make him sign and they plopped up a "To Be Continued" graphic.

They aired a video feature on Rhino vs. AJ Styles.

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