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By Mike Johnson on 2007-02-11 23:00:00

Senshi vs. Austin Starr

They did some nice back and forth wrestling to open the match.  Senshi's throat was snapped over the ropes and he went to the floor.  Starr hit a running dive through the ropes onto Senshi.  Starr controlled Senshi.  Starr chopped Senshi.  Starr missed the pendulum elbow.  Senshi began nailing kicks but was cut off with a kick and a gutwretch suplex.  Starr got a two count.  Starr began slapping Senshi in the corner.  Senshi came back with a big clothesline.  Senshi came back with a series of kicks for a two count.  He kept working over Starr, nailing a springboard kick to the back of Starr's head for another two count.  Senshi went for a jump into a springboard but Starr caught him.  He went for a brianbuster but Senshi escaped and hit a kick in the corner.  Starr locked on a crossface chickenwing, but Senshi escaped.  He went for the Warrior's Way (double stomp off top) but Starr moved.  He locked on the chickenwing again.  They did a double pin deal with Senshi getting the win.

Your winner, Senshi.

Solid match.  I wish they had a little more time. 

Austin Starr was so angry he tossed a bunch of chairs in the ring and grabbed the ring mic.  He demanded the match restarted.  He said he would throw every chair in the building into the ring if he didn't get what he wanted, then sat in center ring.  Bib Backlund came to the ring and began screaming at Starr.  Starr slapped him.  Backlund snapped and locked on the crossface chicken wing.  Backlund dragged Starr backstage.

Jeremy Borash interviewed NWA champion Christian Cage.  Tomko looked angry in the background.  Cage asked him what the problem was and Tomko said Steiner was the biggest egomaniac he's ever had to deal with.  He warned Cage to tell Steiner what the deal was.  Before he could answer, Steiner showed up and said their deal was off because Tomko was a muscle bound idiot.  Steiner claimed that Cage told him Tomko would shine his shoes when instructed.  Cage tried to calm everyone down.  He said that Tomko wasn't used to waiting on everyone hand and foot.  Cage said that everyone needs to remember it's about Kurt Angle.  He said Angle came to TNA and took money from Steiner and Steiner's kids.  Cage told Tomko to apologize to Steiner and Tomko refused.  Steiner said he didn't want Tomko's redneck apology and stormed off.  Cage yelled at Tomko and told him to go fix it, then yelled at Borash to leave.  Good segment.  Cage showed some of his old fire that we haven't seen in awhile.


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