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By Mike Johnson on 2007-02-11 23:00:00

They plugged Destination X and the "This is TNA!" special.

Samoa Joe was shown coming out of Kurt Angle's locker room, looking disgusted.

Robert Roode made his way to the ring with Ms. Brooks, brandishing Eric Young's contract.  Roode said he was a happy man because Brooks finally did something right.  He then introduced Eric Young, who looked like he lost his favorite friend.  Roode told Young that for the last few months, he couldn't understand why the fans loved him.  He said that when the fans look at Young, they see themselves and they can relate to him.  He said that just like Young, the fans were idiots and worthless.  He said they the fans would never know what it's like to be successful.  Young began stewing and took off his jacket.

Young finally grabbed the mic from Roode's hands.  Roode asked him if he had something to say but just as Young was about to, Roode grabbed it away and told him he's not to speak until spoken to.  He said that young signed a legally binding document and there was nothing anyone can do about it.  He told Young that if he wanted to hit Roode and break the contract, then do it, but then Roode can take away the things Young loves most, his fans and his job.  He promised Young would never step foot inside a wrestling ring ever again. 

He told Young that one way or another, he would find out that "it pays to be Roode."

I thought this was a good segment.  Roode was really good on the mic and Young is nothing short of awesome with his facials and body language.  By the time Young finally pops Roode, the fans will go insane.

Jeremy Borash interviewed NWA champion Christian Cage.  Borash asked if Cage's house was in order.  Cage claimed it was and told Tomko to agree but Tomko walked off.  Cage accused Borash and everyone else of trying to make things seem worse than they were to sell ratings and gossip.  Cage turned his attention to Kurt Angle.  He said that Angle won't let anyone forget that he won an Olympic gold medal with a 'broken friggin' neck' but it's not 1994, it's 2007 and the NWA title is the true gold medal.  He said that Angle would find out firsthand whether his house was in order.

Jim Cornette showed up and asked Cage if he was ready for Angle.  He wanted to remind Cage that the NWA title changes hands on a disqualification, noting that if anyone interfered for Cage, Angle would win the title by DQ. 

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