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By Mike Johnson on 2007-02-11 23:00:00

Against All Odds opened with a video feature and pyro. Team 3D were in the ring waiting.

NWA Tag Team champions LAX vs. Team 3D: Little Italy Street Fight

LAX came from behind as Konnan distracted Team 3D. LAX worked over 3D. Hernandez hit Devon with a chair on the floor. Homicide hit a top con hilo Ray to the floor. Hernandez did a running dive to the floor but Devon nailed him with a chair on the way out. Ray hit a backdrop on Homicide on the floor. Ray missed with a chairshot, hitting the ringpost instead. Homicide dove off the apron onto Ray, who caught him and hit a Fall away Slam on the ramp. Devon worked over Hernandez with a trash can lid. Brother Ray got the dancers to dance for him and spank each other, but Homicide attacked him from behind. Hernandez and Homicide snapped Devon across the ropes. Hernandez was pulled to the floor by Ray. They tried to clothesline each other and both went down. Homicide worked over Devon with a pizza cutter, busting open Devon.

Ray returned to the ring and Homicide challenged him to come on. Ray grabbed a cheese grater and nailed Homicide. He worked over Homicide with it. A bunch of members of "the Latino nation" (hey, that's what Mike Tenay called them) attacked Team 3D but were run off. Ugh.

Team 3D hit the wazzup headbutt. They called for tables. They brought a table in. Hernandez was set up for the wazzup headbutt but Devon instead dove off the ropes onto all the Latino Nation members on the floor. Homicide hit a hurrancanrana on Ray and nailed him with the lid of a trash can. He then nailed Devon with it. Hernandez chokeslammed Ray through a table. Homicide hit an elbow but only got a two count on Ray.

Devon tossed Hernandez over the top to the floor. He hit an inverted DDT on Homicide but Homicide kicked up. Devon put Homicide on the top rope but the Latino Nation members grabbed Devon's legs. Hernandez came from behind and hit the Border Toss on Devon. LAX both covered Devon for the pin.

Your winners, LAX!

I won't mince words. I hated this and not for the work in the ring, which was fine. However, they tried to be too cute and creative here. Example: Team 3D is going for blood and revenge but Brother Ray has time to look for a lapdance? I mean, come on, they attacked Ray's family and we're going to believe he's interested in the dimestore strippers at ringside in the midst of that? I'm getting a headache already. Then, we've got 100 unnamed, never before seen "Latino Nation" guys running in? What was that about? The work was fine but all of the silliness just ruined it for me. If LAX was going over, why did this need to be a non-title match? I'm no Lance Storm, but I feel a migraine coming on. I felt bad for both LAX and 3D when this was over because with their talent, they could easily put together a kickass fun and vilent brawl but instead it was like they were trying to work past the gimmicks they were saddled with and that's a shame. They deserved better.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Austin Starr. Starr said that tonight he was going to get his chance to shine. He said he came to TNA to show everyone that he's the best pound for pound wrestler in TNA. Bob Backlund showed up in the background. Starr asked him if he could help him, calling Backlund a grown up Opie. He told Backlund if he ever touches Starr again, Starr would "change his channel physically" and walked off. Backlund noted that he can get out of hand if he needs to.

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