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By Mike Johnson on 2007-02-11 23:00:00

The Against All Odds pre-game show opened with a short video feature on the main event. Mike Tenay noted that there was something for every wrestling fan on tonight's PPV. Tenay and Don West ran down the official lineup for the PPV.

They went to footage of Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe entering the building earlier tonight. Wait, they are entering together? They don't like each other! Angle refused to talk to Leticia. She asked Joe if they were on the same page. Joe said they weren't and would never be. He reiterated that he was there to make sure Angle got the title tonight and then he would get his shot at it at Destination X next month. He told Tomko and Scott Steiner they were going to have to deal with him and said to Steiner, "We aren't done and you don't want to start this again."

They aired a video feature on Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle for the NWA championship.

Jeremy Borash, at ringside, previewed the Motor City Chain match. He then previewed a video feature on the match.

Jim Cornette had Christy Hemme in his office and he told her she was having a tuxedo match. Yeah, because this show didn't have enough gimmick matches? Hemme was angry and said Cornette was trying to make a joke out of her career but we'd see who has the last laugh tonight. The word going around is it's Hemme vs. Fat, Oily Guy. I hope that's not true but somehow in the pit of my soul, I just know it is.

Kazarian & Johnny Devine vs. Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt

Serotonin attacked Lethal and Dutt at the bell. There are like 5-7 fans all wearing the same shirt in the crowd. Dutt was tossed over the top but landed on the apron and springboarded in with a hurranrana on Kazarian. Dutt and Lethal traded tags and worked over Kazarian. Devine tagged in and ran Lethal into the corner, Steve Williams style. He held Lethal up in the air. Kazarian came off the top with a legdrop. Kazarian cinched in a chinlock but Lethal began firing back. Kazarian cut him off with a powerslam. Devine tagged in and went for a moonsault, but Lethal got his knees up. Lethal made the hot tag to Dutt. Serotonin tried to work over Dutt but he unloaded on them and hit a quebrada off the ropes onto both. Dutt hit a top rope hurrancanrana on Kazarian but Devine broke up the pinfall. Lethal hit a missile dropkick off the top on Devine, then did a dive to the floor. Matt Bentley interfered and superkicked Dutt, setting up Kazarian to score the pinfall.

Your winners, Serotonin.

OK match.

Raven came to the ring, but instead of being pleased, still told all three members to get down on their knees. Raven began beating them with the Singapore Cane, then left the ring. Mike Tenay and Don West wondered what was going through Raven's mind.

Mike Tenay said we were going to Leticia, who was waiting for Scott Steiner to arrive. Instead, we went to Jeremy Borash walking with Alex Shelley. Shelley said he had shot footage of an incident of Eric Young and Ms. Brooks at the hotel. Shelley went into the bathroom where Kevin Nash was urinating. He told Nash he had footage Nash wanted to see of a human mating ritual where passions were running high. Nash responded, "snuff?" Remember when we used to get all those press releases touting TNA as family friendly? My, how the worm has turned. Nash said he was going to get all the boys together for a viewing. Shelley mentioned going for a post-viewing dip. Shelley's delivery is awesome. Borash asked someone if they could show it and was told they could. As he signed off, Bob Backlund came out of a stall, asking if they were talking about pornography.

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the lineup for the PPV.

They aired a video feature on Sting vs. Abyss

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jim Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell said that Sting likes to claim that Mitchell took advantage of Abyss but the truth is he took him out of the gutter and make him NWA champion. He then said Sting was the true monster, saying he dragged Abyss' secret out in public. He said the entire situation could have been avoided if Sting had minded his own business and kept his hands off Mitchell. Abyss freaked out every time Mitchell mentioned his father or being shot. Mitchell scolded him telling Abyss to go ahead and go to the ring without him. Abyss walked off.

There were dancing girls in cages. Oh god, it's 2002 again?! Tenay and West said they were there because Brother Ray promised to beat LAX from the strip club to the back alleys. Seriously. There were tables set up in the ring as well. Okaaay.

Outside, Scott Steiner and Tomko drove up screaming at each other. Steiner called Tomko a redneck and told him to get his bags and if Steiner wanted, Tomko would shine his shoes later. Steiner flirted with Leticia and then promised he was going to take care of Kurt Angle tonight.

Don West was running down the PPV when Team 3D hit the ring and tossed the tables over.  Brother Ray said he wasn't waiting any longer, didn't want his music and demanded LAX get to the ring right now.

They aired a highlight video as the pre-game show ended.

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