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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

They aired a video feature on AJ Styles vs. Rhino.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Rhino backstage.  Rhino said that he sees a lot of himself in AJ Styles.  Rhino said that Styles is selfish.  Rhino said that the difference between them is that Rhino lets people who want to help him in.  He says that's where the problem is and as a veteran, he's going to make Styles understand and will beat some sense into him.  Styles attacked Rhino backstage and they brawled off camera, knocking down the camera man in the process.

Tenay and West said that they were trying to get another camera in position but were having technical problems.  They noted they were fighting outside.  The camera finally worked, catching Styles and Rhino brawling outside the soundstage near the entranceway that the fans use to enter the building.  Rhino went to pick up Styles and drop him atop a garbage can, but the can slipped and Styles was dropped facefirst on the concrete.  That looked dangerous and I'm pretty sure Styles had his bell really rung.  They brawled into the Impact Zone and through the crowd.  Rhino and Styles continued to brawl through the bleachers.  Styles was playing full heel, right down to challenging fans and insulting them to their face. 

Styles ranked Rhino across the eyes, then whipped him into the wall of the Impact Zone, shattering a piece of their set.  Styles landed punch and punch on Rhino, then charged him.  Rhino backdropped Styles over the guard rail into the ringside area's entrance ramp.  Styles was bleeding from the nose.   Styles was tossed into the ring and the referee called for the bell.

Styles quickly came back, hitting a drop toehold into the corner on Rhino.  Styles drilled him with a dropkick.   Styles worked over Rhino with something of a surfboard but Rhino fought back.  Styles hit an awesome dropkick to Rhino's face as he was rebounding off the ropes.    Rhino shoulderblocked Styles and climbed up the ropes.  Sty;es shoved him backwards over the ropes to the floor.  Styles teased diving, then didn't do to get a heel reaction. 

Styles tried to hit a sliding kick to the outside, but Rhino moved.  Rhino tossed Styles into the crowd, but he landed on his feet.  Styles jumped off the guardrail trying for a clothesline but Rhino caught him and hit a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor.  They fought the count and got back into the ring.

Rhino nailed a spinebuster on Styles, who kicked up.  Styles began nailing chops and kicks.  Styles hit an enziguiri on Rhino.  Styles called for the Styles Clash but Rhino backdropped him over the top to the floor.  Styles began grabbing his knee and called the referee.  The announcers acted like he caught the knee on the floor, not on the ringside mats.  The referee called for trainers and Styles told them that he heard it pop.  He told them he wanted to see if he could finish, but was unable to stand on the knee.  If this is a heel move, they are doing a good job selling it as Styles being hurt before they pull the trigger on it. 

As one of the referees instructed ring announcer Dave Penzer what to announce, Styles charged into the ring and rolled up Rhino for the pin.  Styles was hysterical dancing up the aisle like he had pulled one over on everyone.  An irate Rhino charged Styles, who had a great, "Oh Sh**" look on his face before running off.

A good match that was obviously designed to get Styles' new heel persona over and I thought they did a good job of that. I wasn't sold on the idea of Styles as a heel at all, but I'm starting to see the possibilities. The bump he took off the trashcan was scary as hell, so thankfully he didn't get hurt.


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