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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed Eric Young backstage.  Young asked Borash if he saw who was out in the car earlier, "those guys who did that cool thing once."  Young was in a pink bathrobe.  Borash noted that Brooks promised to get naked if she had to win, but Young had something she didn't...cajones.  Young agreed and opened his robe for Borash.  Borash noted that he had to go out and host the bikini contest, then advised Young that he, "might want to put something on."  Borash and Young have a really funny chemistry together.

They aired a brief video package on the bikini contest.

Eric Young vs. Ms. Brooks: the "WCW Nitro in 2000 Memorial" Intergender Bikini Contest

Jeremy Borash introduced Ms. Brooks from inside the ring. They had a red carpet and inflatable palm trees inside the ride.  Brooks wore a men's suit jacket and a necktie to hide her outfit.  Young came out wearing a pink bathrobe and flipflops.  The fans' response live will determine the winner.  Borash's delivery hosting was great here, he's truly Gene Okerlund 2006. 

Tracy Brooks was first, and well, as expected, looked hot.  Don West and Mike Tenay deduced she likely had 40 DDs.  Seriously. 

Eric Young then stood center ring, but got too shy to take off his robe.  He finally disrobed, wearing a T-shirt with a painted on bikini.  Robert Roode demanded Young be disqualified for "making a joke out of this."  Wouldn't it be creative who did that?  Young asked the DJ to give him a beat and he began disrobing, revealing Spongebob Squarepants boxers. 

Referee Slick Johnson ruled that Young wasn't wearing a bikini and was going to award the contest to Brooks.  Young asked for another try and, peeled down to Spongebob bikini briefs. 

They asked the audience to pick a winner and of course, they picked Eric Young.

Your winner, Eric Young!

Robert Roode attacked Young immediately.  He whipped Young into the ropes, but Young ducked, stopped, shook his rear end, then ran up the aisle.  Young began covering himself as he backed up the ramp.

Roode grabbed the mic and turned his attention to Ms. Brooks.  He said that when he told Brooks that Young could defeat her in a bikini contest, he was kidding.  Roode said he was sick of Brooks, Young, and all the filthy fans in Orlando.  He asked Brooks if she wanted to make it up to him, then told her she needs to do whatever it takes to make Young sign a contract with Robert Roode, Inc.  He said that the fans love Young and when Young signs with him, they'll love Roode as well.  Roode warned Brooks that if she doesn't get Young to sign a contract, she might be the one who was fired.

As they say on South Park, I call Schenanigans, because that's what this segment was.



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