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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed Christian Cage, who was with Tomko.  Cage said the soap opera between Sting and Abyss was mildly entertaining and amusing.  Cage mocked Sting for trying to find the man behind Abyss.  He said that this isn't about saving souls, but about Cage, the biggest star in TNA history regaining his title.  He said that while they might be caught up in their Afterschool Special, he never lost sight of the fact that he wants his belt back.  He brought up the secret that Tomko knows about Abyss and said that its embarrassing for everyone, including TNA.  He said that everyone had better hope Cage ends up champion tonight, or the secret will be revealed.

Mike Tenay apologized for BG James' language but reiterated that the Million Dollar Challenge was "indeed, real."

NWA champion Abyss vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage

All three battled in the ring at the same time.  Abyss brat down Sting as Jim Mitchell implored him to continue,  Sting fought back with a series of punches and kicks.  Sting pulled the rope down, forcing Abyss to fall to the floor.  Cage was tossed to the floor.  Cage and Abyss battled on the floor.  Sting dove off the top to the floor.  Tomko and Cage tossed Sting into the railing.  

With Sting down on the floor, Abyss destroyed Cage in the ring, hitting a running splash in the corner.  Abyss choked out Cage in the corner with his foot.  Sting rolled into the ring and Abyss began stomping him.  Mitchell screamed at Abyss to follow their plan.  Cage surprises Abyss with a tornado DDT for a two count.  Cage worked on Abyss' rib cage, then knocked Sting back to the floor as he tried to enter the ring.

Cage distracted the referee, allowing Tomko to pepper Abyss with punches.  Cage worked over Abyss with chop, but was caught by Abyss and pressed.  Cage landed on his feet on the apron outside the ring.  Cage went to the corner, where Abyss tried to superplex him.  Sting raced under Abyss, powerbombing him at the same time in a Tower of Doom spot.  

Sting nailed the Stinger Splash in the corner.  Cage began chopping and nailing Sting who did the superhuman no-sell  and unloaded on Cage.  He went for the Scorpion deathlock but Cage raked his face.  They are pushing that Cage has never tapped out.  Sting rolled up Abyss for a two count.  Abyss ended up on the floor, where Tomko nailed him with a boot.  Sting locked the Deathlock on Cage but Jim Mitchell got on the apron.  

Tomko slid the NWA title into the ring to Christian but Sting nailed him.  Sting slingshot Cage into Abyss, who was standing outside on the apron.  Abyss was bumped to the floor.  Sting covered Cage, but Tomko pulled the referee out of the ring.  Tomko hit the ring and began working over Sting.  Abyss returned to the ring and attacked Tomko.Cage went after Abyss but was leveled.  Abyss tossed Tomko to the floor.  

Abyss pressed and dropped Cage to the floor, leaving him alone with Sting,.  Jim Mitchell called for Doomsday.  Sting ducked under a Black Hole Slam attempt but was caught with a goozle.  Jim Mitchell brought in the sack of thumbtacks.  Abyss hesitated using them as if he had his doubts, before spreading them onto the mat.  Sting grabbed Cage for a chokeslam but Tomko hit a big boot.  Tomko stomped Abyss's face into the tacks. 

Sting stood over Abyss and "tried to get him to listen to Sting" but Abyss wouldn't.  Sting went for the Scorpion but Cage attacked him with a chair.  Abyss nailed Cage and went for the Black Hole Slam but Sting nailed Cage, who was knocked aside.  Abyss missed the tacks but hit the move and scored the pin.

Your winner and still NWA champion, Abyss!

An average match. Everyone was trying but it never seemed to really click into something special. Sting finally did his first pinfall loss, which I think was the right move here.

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