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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

TNA Turning Point

TNA Turning Point 2006 opened with a video feature on the event using footage of "Christmas home movies" intersperced with a holiday poem and footage of the TNA stars.

Paparazzi Championship Series: Jay Lethal vs. Senshi vs. Alex Shelley vs. Austin Starr vs. Sonjay Dutt

Kevin Nash came out and joined Don West and Mike Tenay on commentary. All five competitors came to the ring. Nash put over Austin Starr. Shelley and Lethal started the match, with the other competitors outside waiting to be tagged in. Ales Shelley stepped between the ropes to force Lethal to break a wristlock, but Lethal kicked the ropes between Shelley's legs. They noted that the Series would continue over the next several weeks of Impact with a point system. Shelley stomped Lethal's face.

Starr tagged in and tried to get a quick fall on Lethal. The announcers noted that Kevin Nash jumped off Alex Shelley's bandwagon for Austin Starr. Lethal tagged out to Dutt, who scored a near-fall with an elbowdrop. Shelley and Starr worked over Dutt in the corner.

Lethal tagged back in. Lethal and Dutt worked as partners, hitting Shelley with a ton of offense. Dutt tried to walk the ropes, but was crotched. Shelley dragged him across the ropes, giving Dutt a "rope burn" to the nether-regions. Senshi blind tagged in while Shelley was preening and began unloading on Dutt.

Senshi went back and forth with Dutt, not realizing Starr blind tagged him in. Senshi ended up outside the ring. Dutt teased a dive but was cut off by Starr, who then kicked Senshi back to the floor. Shelley tagged in and got into it with Starr. They called for Nash. Lethal charged between them to dive onto Senshi on the floor. There were a series of dives.

Back in the ring, Dutt locked Shelley in a camel clutch. The referee admonished Senshi, giving Starr a chance to get in the ring and pull Shelley away from the ropes he was struggling to reach. Shelley tapped and was eliminated, so the storyline continues to be that Shelley feels betrayed by his "partner" Starr as they vy for Nash's attention.

Lethal went right after Dutt. Dutt hit a sunset flip for a near-fall, but Lethal scored a near-fall of his own. Dutt hit a spinebuster. He springboarded off the ropes, with Senshi tagged him as his came off. Lethal caught Dutt and drilled his head into the mat, but was struck by a Senshi missile dropkick and pinned. Lethal was eliminated.

Starr nailed Dutt with a Pendulum elbowdrop, nailed him into the corner and tagged Senshi. Senshi began nailing Dutt with kicks to the chest. Starr tagged in, measured and kicked Dutt in the face. Starr missed a charge into the corner. Dutt nailed a missile dropkick on Starr, then took Senshi down. Dutt locked the camel clutch on Starr. Senshi came in and kicked Dutt, although the cameras missed it as they were focusing on the crowd.

Starr went for the brainbuster but Dutt floated through and shoved Starr into Senshi, who was knocked to the floor. Starr came back to hit a brainbuster and 450 splash off the top for the pinfall. Dutt is eliminated.

Senshi returned to the ring and began exchanging chops with Starr. Senshi hit a springboard enziguiri on Starr for a near-fall. Starr took down Senshi with a crucifix and a brainbuster. Starr went to the top for the 450, but Shelley came out and distracted his partner. Starr finally went for the move but Senshi had moved, so Starr rolled through. Senshi captured Starr in a small package for the pin.

Shelley went to Nash and said that he was back at being "number one" for Nash. He and Nash shook hands. An angry Starr questioned Nash and he told them to work it out amongst themseves. Mike Tenay said that Nash is like an arsonist, lighting the fire to see what happens.

Decent opener.

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