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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

Backstage, Leticia found someone who was supposed to be a parody of Vince McMahon strutting and carrying a rooster in a cage.  He demanded to know where his son-in-law was.  She questioned him about the rooster and he said, "I love cock.  Didn't you see the sketch?"  They bleeped the word cock.  Cue the countdown to Vince Russo going nuts over standards and practices!  He strutted off and Leticia said, "Only in TNA."  Well, no, actually only in WWE, which is why fans watch TNA, for an alternative, but nevermind.  Mike Tenay and Don West began talking.

Rhino and AJ Styles brawled back into the Impact Zone as security tried to hold them apart. 

They aired a video feature on the Flag Match.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed NWA Tag Team champions LAX.  Konnan said the American Dream was a joke and promised that tonight, the United States was going to hear the Mexican national anthem. 

Flag Match: NWA Tag Team champions LAX vs. America's Most Wanted

To win the match, you have to use a ladder to hang your flag above the ring.  Ladders are legal as well.  They all started brawling around ringside the second LAX came out.  Harris tried to backdrop Homicide over the top.  Hernandez knocked Harris to the floor, then flipped Homicide over the ropes, allowing him to hit a tope con hilo.  Hernandez went for a dive but James Storm superkicked him.  Gail Kim hit a moonsault to the floor on Homicide.  Storm tried to grab the U.S. flag but Konnan interfered. 

LAX worked over Harris.    James Storm was tied to the tree of woe.  Homicide placed a chair over his face and was going to charge but Harris cut him off.  Harris was bleeding from the mouth.  Homicide hit a jawbreaker on Storm.  A ladder was brought into the ring.  Homicide was backdropped onto it.  Hernandez hit his chokeslam suplex on Harris into the ladder.

Storm tried to sunset flip Hernandez, but was caught.  He hit a kick to Hernandez's head.  Homicide attacked Storm and hit an elbow from the ropes.  Homicide hit the Three Amigos suplex combination on Storm.  Homicide went to the top for the flag but Gail Kim grabbed his leg,.  Homicide grabbed her but Chris Harris made the save and superplexed Homicide into the ring. 

Hernandez got the Mexican flag and started to climb the ladder but James Storm climbed up the other side of the ladder and hit a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder.  Harris grabbed the flag and made Earl Hebner put the flag back in the corner.  Homicide hit an Ace Crusher off the ropes on Harris.  Homicide went for the Gringo Killer but Gail Kim hit the ring and dropkicked Homicide.

Kim set up the ladder in the center of the ring and grabbed the American flag.  Konnan got into the ring and punched her in the stomach, knocking her to the mat.  He put the flag back in the corner.  Petey Williams hit the ring and nailed Konnan.  He teased hitting the Canadian Destroyer on Konnan but Hernandez decimated him.  Hernandez hit a running tope over the top onto Storm that was awesome.

Homicide and Harris both got their respective flags and hung them both up.  They battled on top of the ladder.  Storm came up from behind Homicide and broke a beer bottle over his head, but "glass flew into the face of Harris" and he went down screaming as well.  Hernandez slammed the ladder over, taking out Storm as well.   Hernandez tossed Storm out of the ring and Hernandez removed the American flag and hung the Mexican flag.

Your winners, LAX!

Gail Kim and Petey Williams were checking on Chris Harris outside.  Harris began screaming that it wasn't his fault and getting into Harris's face as everyone tried to calm Storm down.  Konnan took the mic and said that AMW just made history as the first team in the United States that just lost a flag match.  Konnan demanded that everyone stand up and show respect for the Mexican national anthem and flag.  They played the song. 

This was the best match thus far in the feud with everyone really trying to pull out all the stops. I'm not buying Petey Williams as the American defending babyface at this point. It was a nice twist to go back to the AMW teased dissension that was dropped a few weeks ago. Homicide was really tearing it up here and Hernandez was going all out. AMW and Kim did a good job too.

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