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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

Backstage, Leticia was outside "Dumb to the Xtreme's" locker room, wanting to get a word with them. A parody of WWE's Big Dick Johnson showed up, scared her off and then asked the camera where catering is. I'd rather know why this is on camera?

They aired a video feature on Chris Sabin vs. Christopher Daniels.

TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin with special referee Jerry Lynn

Pre-Match Comment: I guess the major question here will be whether they do an angle to put Lynn back in a wrestling role or if we'll get a really screwy swerve where Lynn helps Sabin that will make no logical sense.

The match started with some good back and forth mat wrestling and Sabin showing some arrogance and cockiness. Sabin's really growing into this role. Daniels reversed an armdrag attempt and cinched in an armbar. Sabin fought to his feet and backed Daniels into the corner, striking him in the abdomen with his knee Daniels rebounded and came back with another armdrag. Daniels slammed Sabin's face into the mat several times. Daniels whipped Sabin into the ring and hit a leg lariat.

Daniels nailed a split-legged moonsault for a two count. Don West noted it was good to see Jerry Lynn in the ring. Amen, except it'd be better if TNA was using him to wrestle. It's not like he's an amazing in-ring performer or a top flight wrestler or anything. Daniels and Sabin fought over a standing switch.

Sabin dropkicked Daniels to the back, sending him to the floor. Sabin looked at the announcers and said, "Patronize me, Don" He then hit a hiptoss onto the entrance ramp on Daniels. Sabin went to the top of the ramp and sprinted towards Daniels, who was out on his back. He slowed down as he reached Daniels, then dropped a fistdrop. That was great.

Sabin tossed Daniels back into the ring and continued the assault, getting several near-falls. The fans tried to rally Daniels. Daniels comes back with a backslide for a near fall. Sabin hit a neckbreaker. He continued to work over Daniels' neck and back. Sabin slammed Daniels, then dropped a leg on his head.

The announcers pointed out that Sabin was working on the neck to set up the Cradleshock. The one thing TNA does better than WWE with their announcing is explaining the technical aspect of wrestling to give another dimension to the story of the matches (especially since WWE prefers their announcers call no wrestling moves). This was a great example of TNA's prowess there.

Daniels finally began making a comeback, hitting several moves. Sabin escaped. Daniels went for a baseball slide out of the ring, but Sabin evaded. Daniels drove Sabin into the guard rails on the floor. Daniels hit a running kick through the ropes onto Sabin, sending him backwards on the floor. Daniels went to the middle rope outside the ring and dropped an elbow to the floor. Daniels and Sabin both laid on the ground selling the move. Daniels came up selling his hip.

Back in the ring, Sabin drilled Daniels with a kick and scored a near-fall. Thus far, a really good match. Sabin tried to charge with a kick but was caught by Daniels and shoved down. Sabin centered his attack around the neck again, then drilled Daniels with a springboard into a tornado DDT. Daniels kicked up at two. Lynn hasn't been a factor at all yet.

Daniels hit a running high knee, followed by a Death Valley Driver for a two count. The fans chanted for a "BME" but Daniels scissored Sabin into a submission move. Sabin dragged himself towards the ropes, putting his foot across the bottom rope to force a break.

Sabin drilled Daniels with a running facewash style kick to the face in the corner.Sabin went for a springboard move, but a groggy Daniels hit a palm thrust to the face as Sabin bounced off the ropes. Daniels nailed the Best Moonsault Ever and scored the pinfall.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Christopher Daniels!

Jerry Lynn took the mic and said that he'll be the first to give Sabin credit for a hell of a match, but tonight Daniels was the better man. He told Sabin to lose with some respect and told him to shake Daniels' hand. Daniels told Lynn that he was the champion and didn't need Sabin's respect. Daniels went to turn away from Lynn, who grabbed Daniels and smacked him. Several referees got between them as Lynn yelled something at Daniels. Lynn showed a lot of fire and anger as he left the ring.

Really Good match and if they are working towards Lynn vs. Daniels, that works for me!

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