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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

Turning Point Pre-Game Show: The pre-game opens with a video feature on the top matches for the PPV. Christy Hemme welcomed everyone to the countdown show and plugged the NWA title match and Joe vs. Angle II. Hemme asked several fans who they expected to win Joe vs. Angle.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks about the intergender bikini match between Brooks and Eric Young. Roode said that the fans treat Young like he's some sort of God when he's a joke. Brooks said she's willing to do anything and everything to win, including stripping down Buck naked. She flashed Borash to give him a preview and he said, "Oh, good gracious." Brooks walked off as Borash said to Roode that the fans really love Young. Roode said that it won't matter. OK interview.

Mike Tenay and Don West introduced themselves and began running down the lineup for Turning Point.

TNA aired a video feature on the Abyss vs. Christian Cage vs. Sting match, pushing the "secret" that Tomko knows from Abyss' past. Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed NWA champion Abyss and Jim Mitchell. Mitchell said that it's been a rather interesting several weeks. He said that on one hand, you have a crybaby in Christian Cage, who's upset Abyss emasculated Cage in his own home. Mitchell said Cage had to bring in a hooligan from his past with stories of a secret. Mitchell then noted that Sting is trying to offer his hand in friendship in Abyss, but is secretly trying to steal the title. Mitchell said that he owns Abyss' heart and soul. Abyss turned his back on Mitchell. Mitchell asked him what his problem was and asked him if he remembered everything Mitchell has told him the last three weeks. Mitchell said that he saved Abyss' soul and dragged him out of the gutter all the way to the NWA championship. He said that the second he saved Abyss' soul, he took possession of it. He asked Abyss if he was listening to him, then dragged him off by his hair. Great delivery by Mitchell as always, teasing what was going on with Abyss.

Serotonin vs. Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt: Handicap Match

Kazarian started off with Hoyt, beating him down. They worked over Hoyt in their corner. Hoyt came back with a big slam on Matt Bentley, then tagged Ron Killings. Killings worked over Bentley, but Johnny Devine broke up a pinfall attempt. Hoyt tagged in but was Serotonin took over. Devine tried to hit a springboard clothesline but instead sort of crashed into Hoyt and began peppering him with punches. Kazarian began chopping away at Hoyt's lower extremities with kicks. Hoyt finally made a tag to Killings, who unloaded on all three members of Serotonin. Killings nailed a flying forearm on Devine. Hoyt and Killings brawled with Kazarian and Bentley. Hoyt tossed Bentley out of the ring and hit a big boot on Kazarian. Killings hit the Ax Kick for the pinfall. Too short to be anything of note but it was well paced.

Your winners, Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings!

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Jerry Lynn, who will be the special referee for TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin. Lynn said that he was going to call the match right down the middle, but Sabin interrupted him asking how that could be with his glaucoma and diaper rash, among other maladies. Lynn said that he was doing X-Division matches when Sabin was on the other side of the rail and paved the way for performers like Sabin, who don't get it. Sabin blew off what Lynn had to say. I get the idea behind the segment but Lynn didn't have the fire in his promo to get over the idea (not to mention enough TV time off late to make newer viewers care; they really could have used a Lynn history package here). Sabin's demeanor as a heel is really good. He's finding himself.

Mike Tenay and Don West reviewed what had happened as Kazarian was dragged back to the ring by the other members of Serotonin. Raven began caning Kazarian as punishment for losing the match. They showed a closeup on Kazarian's ripped up back.

They aired the awesome Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle II video feature from Impact. There was no mention of Angle pinning Joe on Impact. I hope they continue to ignore that, because Angle beating Joe there really hurt the luster of the rematch in my opinion.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Samoa Joe about tonight's rematch. Joe said that for the last three weeks, he's had the same nightmare of tapping out on the mat. He said for the last three weeks, he's woken up in a cold sweat. Last night, however, he didn't have a nightmare. He had a dream about snapping Angle's neck and popping his tendons. He said it would be a prequel to tonight and when Angle hears the bell and sees Joe's ahnd raised in victory, he'll know it's "damned real." The typical good and intense Joe promo you'd come to expect.

Leticia said that Kurt Angle's car just pulled up and she was going to try and get a word with him. She opened the door and someone handed her a sledgehammer. She said that she may be new around here, but they weren't fooling anyone. Letitica seemed nervous. Obviously that was a VKM tease.

Don West did his best hard sell.

They closed the pre-game show with a music video.

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