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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-10 22:52:00

Backstage, Jeremy Borash tried to get a word with James Storm. Storm said that Harris wasn't hurt but quit like he always does. He said that Harris has until Thursday on Impact to apologize to him and every other American for allowing the Mexican National anthem to play. Storm showed great fire. TNA security forced him off camera.

VKM came out dressed like Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Kip James was Michaels, complete with a giant crucifix and latex on his face. BG was Triple H, complete with a sledgehammer and latex on his face as well. They did look like HHH and Michaels. BG did the Triple H DX introduction but were stopped by a parody of the Spirit Squad. I'd love five minutes with a sledgehammer so I could trash my TV right about now. The "Squad" were quickly run off. James called for the oliled up fat guy, who then came out. Egads, it's bad enough in one promotion. The fat guy got laid out.

BG James said that sometimes people have problems differentiated between parody and reality. He said what the fans just saw was parody but now it's reality. They ripped the latex off. James said that at first they were having some good fun. He remarked that someone in the company claimed that Vince McMahon didn't care about what they were doing in TNA. He said that then they find out that McMahon wanted them to stop what they were doing, which is funny because that's all they asked WWE to do in the first place - stop.

James asked if Vince remembered when Vince ordered them to go to WCW house shows and CNN Center, so if he's going to do that and then threaten to sue over a parody, this is the one they should sue over. He said that they were having some fun, but now it's over. He said they were issuing "the million dollar challenge."

BG James said that they got with the upper echelon with TNA and unlike McMahon, they are supporting VKM. He said that every week, WWE chops away at the legacy of what they built. He said that they have a challenge that not even Vince McMahon can't walk away from. He said they were putting up a million dollars, for two men "vs. those two P*ssies." He said that they weren't talking spots and angles, but a fight and he dared Vince McMahon to accept the challenge because if he didn't, the world would see that he's a "gutless piece of sh**t."

I don't think anyone in WWE will ever actually answer that, but BG cut one hell of a promo here and if that was the payoff to all the silly vignettes, it was a fun segment.

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