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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero told Booker T that he could pin him tonight and win the title from JBL.  Booker laughed, and said he could pin Guerrero to win the belt.  Guerrero said they both had another obstacle tonight, The Undertaker.  Booker said he could take Undertaker down.  Guerrero said he could have the Undertaker, and he would take on JBL, since he knew he could beat him.  Booker said they should double team Undertaker and JBL, and then they could settle things one-on-one between themselves. Undertaker approached them from behind, stared at both men, then walked by them.  Guerrero and Booker blamed each other for having a big mouth around the Dead Man.

Doug & Danny Basham vs. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas.

The announcer's called this a "bonus" match.  Haas got right in the face of the Bashams before the match. Holly started out with Doug, putting him in a side headlock.  Doug leapfrogged Holly and hit a dropkick, then slugged it out with Holly.  Hardcore dodged a charge and rolled him up for a two count.  Doug brought him into his corner and tagged in Danny.  Danny ran into a Holly boot, and Hardcore delivered a back suplex for a two count.  Haas tagged in and worked over Danny in a corner with forearms.  Haas booted Danny and took him down with a fireman's carry.  Danny fought back with punches and tagged in Doug.  Haas slid under Doug's legs and hit a pair of armdrags. Doug snapmared Haas and hit a kick to the back, and elbow to the head, then applied a chinlock. Haas armdragged out, but was tripped by Danny as he went to the ropes.  Doug delivered a series of kneedrops and tagged in Danny.  The Bashams dropped a series of elbows on Haas and Danny scored a two count.  "Boring" chants started to ring out, but died down quickly.

Danny dropped another elbow for a two count.  Doug tagged back in, snapmared Charlie and applied a trapped arm chinlock.  Haas armdragged out, but Doug hit him with a stiff clothesline. Haas hit a T-Bone suplex on Danny.  Bob Holly tagged in and hit a series of clotheslines on both men.  Holly backdropped Danny and dropkicked Doug.  Holly gave Doug a top rope clothesline.  Holly threw Danny out of the ring.  Doug knocked Haas off the apron.  Holly powerslammed Doug.  Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie came out to check on Haas, and started fighting.  Haas tried to hold them apart as referees came down to break it up.  Holly was distracted by what was going on, and Danny rolled Doug out of the ring and took his place. Holly went to small package Danny (thinking it was Doug), but Danny reversed it and got the pin at the seven minute mark.

Winners: Doug & Danny Basham.

Following the match, Bob Holly yelled at Haas for letting the women ruin their match.

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