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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

WWE Armageddon opened with a video focusing on the main event, with comments from Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and Undertaker promising to end JBL's title reign.

WWE Tag Team Champions Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs. Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree, with Hiroko. 

RVD and Suzuki started off, exchanging hold on the mat.  Kenzo hit some shots, but RVD took him down with a spin kick, and RVD tagged in Rey for the 4:20 double leg drop for a two count.  Rey hit a springboard bodyblock on Suzuki for another two count.  Suzuki reversed a whip into the buckles on Rey and tagged in Dupree. Rene worked over Rey in a corner, whipping him hard into the opposite turnbuckles.  Rey dodged a charging Dupree and slid under his legs, but Dupree caught him with a boot to the face. Rey flipped over Dupree on a springboard and used a headscissors to put him in 619 position, but Kenzo hit Rey from the apron to stop him from doing it. Rey flipped over Suzuki and tried to powerbomb him to the floor, but Suzuki held onto the top rope, until RVD kicked him off so Rey could powerbomb him on the floor.  Dupree gave Mysterio a baseball slide, but RVD went after him, draped him over the guardrail, and hit a corkscrew legdrop off the apron.

Back in the ring, RVD and Mysterio worked over Dupree until he came back with a standing dropkick on RVD.  Dupree went for a tag, but Suzuki was still down on the floor from the powerbomb. RVD catapulted Dupree into a Mysterio springboard senton, which he changed into a clothesline when he overshot Dupree.  Suzuki finally recovered and tripped up RVD from the floor, allowing Dupree to hit a clothesline.  Suzuki tagged in and hit a clothesline of his own on Van Dam, then put him in a chinlock. RVD broke out and hit a spinkick, and tagged in Mysterio.  Rey went to work on Dupree, but as Hiroko distracted the referee, Dupree and Kenzo gave Rey a double team Hot Shot on the top rope into a reverse powerbomb by Dupree. Torrie Wilson ran out and chased Hiroko to the back.

Kenzo delivered a kneedrop to Rey for a two count, then went into an armbar. Rey punched out of it, crawled under Kenzo's legs, and went to tag RVD.  Kenzo was late hooking Rey's leg to stop him, so Rey had to slow down his crawl, which looked bad, so Suzuki could stop him. Dupree tagged in and put Rey in a surfboard. Rey kicked out of it, but Dupree gave him a reverse atomic drop and tagged Kenzo back in. Suzuki chopped Mysterio in a corner, then choked him.  Rey kicked Kenzo a few times, and Suzuki badly missed a charge, but managed to grab Mysterio in a back suplex for two. Dupree tagged back in, but Rey flipped out of a back suplex attempt.  Dupree knocked Van Dam off the apron so he couldn't tag in, then double teamed Rey with Kenzo as RVD tried to run in, but was stopped by the referee.

Kenzo choked Rey against the bottom rope, and clotheslined him for a two count.  Rey again had to slow down on his way to the corner so Kenzo could grab him and stop the tag from happening.  Dupree and Kenzo did the French Tickler dance, and Dupree dropped a headbutt on Rey for a two count.  Dupree whipped Mysterio hard into a corner, but Rey hit a pair of kicks and gave Dupree a rana, sending him into the ringpost.  Mysterio tagged Van Dam, who hit a series of kicks on Dupree and a dropkick.  RVD slammed Dupree and hit the split legged moonsault for a two count.  RVD knocked Suzuki off the apron and gave the Original Rolling Thunder with Rey to Dupree. Suzuki broke up the cover, and all four men started going at it.  Suzuki backdropped Rey to the floor.  RVD fought his opponents two on one.  Suzuki was kicked to the floor, and RVD hit a bodyblock (looked like a botched spot) for a two count.  Rey came in and he and RVD set up Dupree and Suzuki for 619's.  Rey hit the move, and Dupree fell to the mat as Suzuki was thrown to the floor by RVD. Van Dam then hit Dupree with the five star frog splash, while Mysterio gave Suzuki a pescado.  Van Dam got the pin on Dupree at the thirteen minute mark.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio.

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