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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

Daniel Puder did a somewhat awkward promo for the "Dixie Dogfight" boxing match, promising to destroy Mike Mizanin for talking too much.

Kurt Angle came out, accompanied by armed security to guard his gold medals. Angle said he was going to treat the fans to a special "Kurt Angle Invitational".  Angle announced that he was going to take on Santa Claus.  Santa came to the ring, tossing out candy canes to the crowd. Angle shook hands with Santa, and made a crack about Tazz being one of his elves. Angle said he didn't like Santa Claus because his daughter never wants to talk about him (Angle), only Santa.  Angle said his daughter was watching tonight, and he was going to make Santa tap out.  Angle took Santa to the mat (Santa's wig fell off), gave him an Angle Slam, then put him in an ankle lock for the tap out.

Winner: Kurt Angle.

Angle took his medals, and left.

Mike Mizanin did a promo for the boxing match, talking about how everyone is saying he is an underdog for the fight, but that this "dog has some bite".

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