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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

Backstage, Joy Giovanni approached Big Show and gave him a kiss for good luck. 

Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak. 

Jindrak started off with Show, dodging a lockup and doing the old Rick Rude hip swivel.  Jindrak started flexing his muscles, then locked up with Show.  Show put him in a armbar and lifted him off the mat.  Show chopped Jindrak in a corner, then gave him a Beel throw across the ring.  Jindrak tagged Angle, despite Angle not wanting it.  Angle got in the ring, and Show shoved him to the mat.  They locked up, and Show shoved him down again. Angle tagged in Luther.  Luther threw some punches, but Show put him in a corner and chopped him, then snapmared Luther.  Show knocked Angle off the apron, brought Jindrak into the ring, and headbutted both men.  Angle pulled Show over the top rope from the apron, and Luther and Jindrak hit a double shoulderblock. Angle kicked the downed Show, but tagged out quickly to Jindrak.  Jindrak stomped Show down in a corner and hit a dropkick, then tagged in Luther. Reigns choked Show in a corner, but Show tripped him to the mat.  Jindrak tagged back in, and Reigns and Jindrack gave Show a double vertical suplex for two.  Angle tagged in and applied a camel clutch variation.  Angle switched into a reverse front facelock, then into a more traditional facelock.  Show got to his feet and lifted Angle, but Luther came out and hit him in the back. 

Angle stood on Show's back to choke him against the bottom rope, then tagged in Luther, who continued the assault.  Show battled back with a headbutt, but Reigns kicked him in the leg and tagged Jindrak, who kicked at Show's legs.  Angle came in to tackle Show to the mat, allowing Jindrak to apply a camel clutch. Show battled up, but Angle ran in for a cheapshot.  Luther came in and he and Jindrak whipped Show across the ring, but Show rallied, slamming Jindrak and Reigns.  Angle came in, and Show grabbed him by the throat, but Reigns and Jindrak double teamed him.  Big Show hit a double clothesline on them, then gave Jindrak a reverse powerbomb (throwing Jindrak backwards over his head from a powerbomb position).  Show gave Angle a headbutt.  Show whipped Luther across the ring, and he went over the top rope to the floor.  Angle hit the Angle Slam on Show, but when he went for the ankle lock, Show kicked him from the ring.  Luther and Jindrak went for Show again, but Show swatted Reigns out of the ring. Angle went to bring the ringsteps into the ring, but Show kicked them into the face of Angle on the floor.  Show then gave Jindrak the F5 (called the F5 by the announcers, who acted shocked to see the move) for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner: The Big Show

A video on WWE's visit to the Middle East last year was shown.

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