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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

Backstage, Miss Jackie told Charlie Haas she can't believe Dawn Marie came out during Haas' match tonight. Haas said he was getting tired of everything going on.  Jackie said she was going to take care of Dawn tonight.  Charlie reminded her to take off her engagement ring before the match, which he took and put in his pocket.  Charlie and Jackie kissed, and Charlie slapped her on the rear end to send her off to the ring.

Miss Jackie vs. Dawn Marie, Charlie Haas as referee.

Haas came to the ring with Jackie. Dawn slapped Jackie to start the match, and Jackie returned the shot. Jackie tossed Dawn around by the hair, and Dawn tried to backdrop Jackie to the ring apron.  Jackie hit a shoulderblock from the apron.  In the ring, Dawn hit a headbutt and they two traded punches.  Dawn hit some shoulderblocks in a corner, and Dawn spat on Jackie.  Jackie and Dawn rolled around on the mat, and rolled over Haas.  Dawn approached Haas, and Jackie rolled her up from behind.  Dawn reversed the rollup, and hooked the tights as Haas counted to three, ending the match at the two minute mark. 

Winner: Dawn Marie.

Haas revealed that he was indeed having an affair with Dawn Marie, saying he loved Jackie, but he was not "in love with her".  Haas said Jackie was beautiful, but making love to her was like making love to a "dead wet fish".  Jackie started to cry.  Haas pulled out the engagement ring from his pocket, turned to Dawn, and asked "Dawn, why are you such a slut?"  Haas said he wouldn't marry either one of them, and left the ring, with many in the crowd chanting "Charlie".

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