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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

A video hyping the main event was shown.

Backstage, JBL spoke with his cabinet members and acted like a defeated man as he headed towards the ring alone.

WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Undertaker vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero in an "Anything Goes" Fatal Four Way match.  JBL's cabinet is barred from ringside.

JBL walked to the ring, depressed, instead of his usual limo entrance. Booker T came out next, as JBL went to the floor, and Eddie Guerrero then did his usual low rider entrance.  Undertaker then did his big entrance. JBL kept arguing with the referee from the floor that it wasn't fair that he could lose his title without being pinned.

JBL got into the ring at the bell, then rolled out to the floor.  Undertaker attacked Booker and Guerrero to start the match, giving Booker a boot to the face and working Guerrero over in a corner.  JBL rolled in and covered Booker, but the referee wasn't paying attention.  Taker chased JBL around the ring and back in, where JBL found himself trapped between all three opponents.  JBL was pinballed between the three with punches and forearms.  Booker hit JBL with a back kick, and Taker started to elbow JBL in the corner while Guerrero and Booker just watched.  Taker covered JBL, and Booker and Eddie broke it up, then double teamed Taker in a corner to the boos of the fans. Booker and Guerrero gave Taker a double elbow.  Booker and Taker ended up fighting on the floor, and JBL went at it with Guerrero in the ring, suplexing Guerrero for a two count.

Booker came in and grabbed JBL, holding him so Guerrero could dropkick him. Booker and Eddie worked over JBL.  Taker got on the apron, and Booker kicked him to the floor.  Booker gave JBL a side slam, and Eddie hit a slingshot senton.  Booker gave Taker a baseball slide.  Guerrero covered JBL, and Booker pulled him off.  JBL cradled Booker, and Eddie broke it up.  Taker made it back into the ring and went after everyone, then gave JBL a sideslam.  Eddie broke up the cover, and Taker tossed him from the ring.  Taker DDT'd Booker, and JBL broke it up.  JBL covered Booker, and Taker broke it up.

Taker and JBL went to the floor, with Taker punching JBL in the head.  Guerrero jumped onto Taker's back with a sleeper. Taker flipped off Guerrero, but Booker hit him with a superkick.  Taker elbowed Booker and tossed him into the crowd.  JBL thumbed Taker in the eye and rammed him headfirst into the steps.   JBL teased a powerbomb on the floor, but Taker backdropped him. Taker took Guerrero into the ring and started pounding him in the corner. Booker came in, and Taker missed a kick in the corner on him.  JBL came back in, chopping and punching Booker.

Taker took over again, sending JBL to the floor and working over Booker and Guerrero. Booker hit a series of rights on Taker, but Taker hit him with a spinebuster to stop the assault. Undertaker went for the Old School ropewalk, but Eddie ran over to stop him.  Taker kicked Guerrero down, then did the rope walk with Booker and hit the forearm. Undertaker slugged Guerrero from the ring, then hit a faceplant on Booker, but Guerrero got back in to break it up.  Eddie threw a series of punches at Taker, but Undertaker just flung Guerrero over the top rope and to the floor.  Eddie scurried away from Taker, but he tossed Eddie back into the ring, then elbowed him with his neck stretched over the ring apron. Taker legdropped Guerrero on the ring apron.  JBL clotheslined Undertaker on the floor. 

JBL took Booker into the ring and choked Booker with his wrist tape, which is legal here (but JBL hid it with a chinlock anyway). Guerrero pulled a ladder out from under the ring and hit Taker with it on the floor.  In the ring, JBL hit Booker with an elbow, then went for the title belt.  As he got back in the ring, Booker went on fire, hitting all three opponents with side kicks.  Taker and JBL fell out of the ring, and Booker gave Guerrero an ax kick for a two count. The crowd was starting to get behind Guerrero. 

JBL pulled Booker to the floor, and Booker kicked Taker away, but JBL raked his eyes and powerbombed Booker on the announcers table. The table didn't break, so JBL jumped off a chair and put Booker through the table with an elbow.  Taker then powerbombed JBL through the Spanish announcers table. Guerrero, in the ring, saw what was going on, then pretended to be out cold in the ring.  Taker got in the ring, picked Eddie off the mat, but Guerrero floated over his attempted tombstone. Guerrero ran off the ropes, but Taker caught him with a chokeslam.  Taker picked up Guerrero for the Last Ride, but Eddie picked up the title belt and hit Taker in the head with it as Taker lifted him for the move.

Eddie Guerrero hit two frog splashes in a row, then covered, but Taker kicked out at two and sat up.  Taker went after Guerrero, but Guerrero kicked him low and went for the ladder he pulled out earlier.  Guerrero hit Taker twice with the ladder, then set it up.  Guerrero climbed the ladder, with the fans chanting his name, and gave Taker a frog splash from the ladder.  Guerrero clutched his knee and was slow covering Undertaker.  JBL pulled the referee from the ring on the two count. 

Guerrero took the ladder and knocked Undertaker to the floor with it.  JBL ran back in, and Guerrero sidestepped him and JBL went into the ladder. Guerrero hit three consecutive vertical suplexes, and covered JBL, but Booker broke up the cover and tossed Guerrero to the floor.  Booker gave JBL an ax kick, but Taker broke up the cover. Taker stomped Booker in a corner, then gave Guerrero Snake-Eyes and a boot to the face.  Taker covered Guerrero after a legdrop, and Guerrero kicked out. 

Taker chokeslammed Booker, then chokeslammed Guerrero. Taker completed the trifecta by chokeslamming JBL. Undertaker prepared to tombstone JBL, when Heidenreich ran in from nowhere and attacked Taker to a chorus of boos.  Heidenreich gave Taker a spinning slam, then left the ring. JBL crawled onto Booker for a two count.  JBL then crawled onto Guerrero for a two count. JBL then crawled towards Taker, but Taker sat up.  Heidenreich pulled Taker from the ring and put him in the cobra clutch.  JBL hit Booker with the Clothesline From Hell, and pinned him, as Guerrero tried in vain to crawl over and break up the pin, ending the match at the twenty-six minute mark.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield.

Heidenreich left, as did JBL.  Undertaker sat on the floor, slowly getting to his feet and looking mad.  Eddie and Booker sat on the mat, looking on in disbelief, as the show ended.

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