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By Buck Woodward on 2004-12-12 20:00:00

A video package on the Tough Enough competitions and eliminations was shown.

Al Snow joined the commentators for the next match.  Snow said Puder was favored, but that no one should underestimate Mizanin.

General Manager Theodore R. Long came to the ring and said he was there to bring the fans "must see" events. Long put over the Tough Enough competition, saying it started with thousands of entries, and now it was down to two finalists. Long then acted as ring announcer for the boxing match.

Daniel Puder vs. Mike Mizanin, boxing match. This was allegedly a legitimate boxing match (they had a commissioner at ringside, and a boxing referee), scheduled for three rounds, one minute each, with one minute rest periods between rounds. No standing eight count, and no three knockdown rule.  The fighters could not be saved by the bell in any round.  Both men wore headgear for the fight.

Round One: Both men came out just flinging wild punches at each other.  They broke on the ropes, and Puder measured some shots.  Mizanin came back with some wild punches again, and Puder slipped on the mat (obviously a slip). Mizanin kept throwing, landing a few, although Puder threw less but hit more.

Round Two: Mizanin charged and flung punches again.  Puder hit a shot to the back of the head, and the referee warned him.  Mizanin kept trying to run around, throwing punches and running back and forth.  Puder hit better shots again, but Miz's headgear definitely helped him. 

Round Three: Mizanin kept charging at Puder and throwing wild punches and trying to tie him up.  It appeared Miz's strategy was to grab as much as possible.  He noticeably looked at the screen at one point to see the clock. The round ended with fans booing, and Miz holding his hands up.

Theodore R. Long then announced that the fans would make the decision. Both men got applause, but it was obvious that Puder got the louder ovation.  Long declared Puder the winner. Miz looked dejected, but hugged Puder anyway.

Winner: Daniel Puder.

Al Snow interviewed both men following the fight.  Miz seemed content that he wasn't knocked out. Puder said that his style is Ultimate Fighting and breaking arms, not boxing with gloves on. They then plugged the Tough Enough voting.

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