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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-15 20:00:00

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Chavo Guerrero. Chavo said that unlike "the guy behind that door" pointing at Eddy Guerrero's locker room, Chavo is a champion. He said Eddy is a loser because he's an addict with a monkey on his back. Chavo said that Eddy is "this close to failing again."

They discussed The Big Show vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Cena for the number one contender slot against the WWE champion at Wrestlemania XX. Kurt Angle was the first out for the Triple Threat match. The Big Show was out second. Cena came out last and did a rap ripping on his opponents.

Big Show and Angle started out with Cena standing in the corner. The Big Show tossed around Angle with ease. Angle pulled Cena in and backed off as Cena and Show tied up, with Show manhanding Cena. Cena and Angle began exchanging punches as Show watched on. Angle hit a belly to belly suplex on Cena but Show broke up the pin.

Angle tossed out Cena from the ring and Cena clutched his injured knee. Show chopped and worked over Angle. Show hid a sideslam on Angle for a two count but Cena broke up the pin. Show beat down Cena and dropped a pair of legdrops on Cena.

Angle on the floor grabbed Show from behind and tried to suplex him out of the ring to the floor. Cena charged Show but was grabbed and throttled by the throat. Angle took Show down on the floor. He went after Cena and slammed him down, trying to get a quick pin while Show was down. Cena came back with a back elbow as Angle rebounded off the ropes. Cena nearly scored a pinfall .

Angle hit a series of three German suplexes on Cena, but Show broke up the three count. Show sent Angle into the corner, hitting his shoulder on the ringpost. Angle fell to the floor. Show began lighting up Cena with chops. Show continued to beat down Cena with chops. Cena went off the top with an elbow but Show wouldn't go down. He finally did after a missle dropkick by Angle. Cena broke up the pinfall.

Cena hit the F-U on Show (hurting his knee in the process) but Angle went for the Angleslam. Cena fought off Angle and covered Show. Show put his foot on the ropes. Angle hit the Angleslam on Show but Show kicked out. Cena went for the F-U but Angle flipped out and turned it into an ankle lock. Cena tried to get to the ropes but Show saved him by chokeslamming Angle. Cena rolled up Show but he kicked up. Angle locked on the anklelock on Show in the center of the ring. Show finally rolled out of it and kicked Angle off.

Cena went for an F-U on Angle but Show used his arm to take out Cena's knee with a clubbing blow. Show slammed Cena kneefirst into the turnbuckles. Angle went for a German suplex but was shoved off. Undaunted, Kurt hit an Angleslam on Show out of the ring. Angle locked in an anklelock on the injured Cena in the center of the ring. Cena tapped out. Show walked out angry while WWE officials checked on Cena's status.

Your winner and the number one contender to the WWE championship at Wrestlemania XX, Kurt Angle!

That was the second great match in a row for this show, lots of great stuff here.

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