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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-15 20:00:00

Tazz and Michael Cole wondered if Goldberg was going to arrive for his front row seat for No Way Out.

They aired a video feature to preview Jamie Noble vs. Nidia.

As Jamie Noble came to the ring, Michael Cole commented he looked angry. Tazz said he should look angry because "Nidia soaked him." Cole noted that Noble had promised to marry Nidia for a year and didn't. They announced it as the first Girlfriend vs. Boyfriend match.

Noble put his hood on and took it off. Referee Charles Robinson threatened to disqualify him. Cole said that now Noble knows how Nidia feels but Tazz said that Nidia wasn't competing. Noble couldn't see what he was doing, as Nidia played cat and mouse, hitting moves and staying away to prevent him from grabbing him. She jumped around in the ring to confuse Noble and struck him from behind.

Nidia depantsed Noble, and scored a two count. Noble ended up falling through the ropes and ending up on the floor. Nidia danced with happiness as the referee began counting out Noble, who had to feel his way back to the ring.

Noble wandered around the ring with Nidia mocking him from behind. Noble tried to charge her but ran into the ropes. Nidia rolled him up with a schoolboy for a two count. Nidia began beating on Noble. Noble took her down and grabbed her by the hair, tearing some out. Nidia hit a drop toe hold, with Noble being slammed throat first against the bottom rope.

Nidia went to the top rope. Noble pulled up his mask so he could see where she was, then grabbed Nidia and slammed her off the top rope into the mat. Noble locked in a Dragon Sleeper and Nidia tapped out.

Your winner, Jamie Noble!

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