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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-15 20:00:00

On tonight's Sunday Night Heat before the PPV went on the air, Michael Cole and Tazz previewed a number of matches for tonight with video features. They announced Rhyno vs. Hardcore Holly was added to the PPV just a few minutes before Heat went on the air. Rue interviewed The Big Show and asked him if he attacked Kurt Angle last week on Smackdown. Show said that if he was the one who attacked Angle, Angle wouldn't be here tonight at the PPV. Show said he goal was to make it through the Three-Way and face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX. He scoffed at the notion that Eddy Guerrero could take him if Eddy beat Brock tonight. They aired an interview with Sable and Torrie Wilson to promote their Playboy cover spread. Josh Matthews was outside with the fans waiting for Goldberg to arrive. Tazz and Michael Cole previewed Eddy Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar. They showed Guerrero arriving at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in a Low Rider earlier in the day. They announced the APA vs. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas has been added to the PPV. They showed a video feature to preview Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Misterio, spotlighting Chavo's heel turn.

The main event on Heat saw Yoshihiro Tajiri & Sakoda & Akio defeat Ultimo Dragon & Paul London & Billy Kidman when Akio pinned Dragon after Tajiri drilled him with a kick. It was a great six man tag which saw everyone looking great. It was easily the best Ultimo has looked in months. London showed tons of fire too. John Keane will have a full report on Heat up on the site shortly. During the match, Michael Cole mentioned that Eddy Guerrero's family would be in attendance for his championship match against Lesnar. Sunday Night Heat closed with a preview of Brock Lesnar defending against Eddy Guerrero in tonight's main event.

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