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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-15 20:00:00

As Brock was hurting in the ring, Bob Holly's music hit and he ran to the ring looking to get his hands on Lesnar, who escaped. Rhyno's music hit and the next match was on!

Bob Holly met Rhyno on the ramp and they brawled into the ring. Holly took over Rhyno with a side headlock and controlled him on the mat. Rhyno went for a hiptoss but Holly began chopping Rhyno. Holly clotheslined Rhyno over the top rope to the floor.

On the floor, Rhyno slammed Holly back first into the ring apron. Rhyno tossed Holly back in the ring. He whipped Holly into the corner and shoulderblocked Holly's midsection. Rhyno whipped Holly out of the corner and kneed him in the gut. They went to the mat with Rhyno scissoring his legs around Hollys body as Holly fought his way out. Rhyno scored several near falls.

Holly hit a suplex on Rhyno but was too hurt to get a cover. Rhyno continued attacking Holly's midsection, but was unable to score the pin. Rhyno slammed Holly into the turnbuckles with a Irish whip.

Holly began fighting back with a series of clotheslines. Holly hit a running dropkick on Rhyno for a two count. Rhyno hit a superplex but Holly kicked up at two. They mentioned Holly's surgically repaired neck: What about Rhyno's? Oh wait, Tazz just mentioned it. Good job by Tazz!

Rhyno hit a spinning spinebuster on Holly. Rhyno set up for the gore and connected. Holly rolled out of the ring immediately, which Cole noted was a smart move. The referee began counting him out. Holly pulled himself back in at nine.

Holly hit the Alabama Slam out of nowhere to score the pinfall.

Your winner, Bob Holly!

Tazz and Michael Cole spoke about the Lesnar-Goldberg incident for part of the Holly-Rhyno match and wondered how it would change the course of Lesnar defending against Eddy Guerrero later on tonight. They also went to the Spanish language feed for a few moments so the fans could hear it.

They aired a Monday Night Wars DVD plug.

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