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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-15 20:00:00

They went to a video package to preview the Cruiserweight championship match, with WWE Cruiserweight champion Rey Mysterio with boxer Jorge Paez defending against Chavo Guerrero with Chavo Guerrero Sr.

The lights went out and a video began to play teasing the return of Undertaker in 28 days. Michael Cole said Wrestlemania was in 28 days and Tazz said, "What a coincidence."

Chavo Guerrero made his way to the ring with Chavo Sr. (who from this point on will be referred to as simply "Sr." for simplicity in this report). Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring with boxer Jorge Paez. Michael Cole noted Mysterio and Paez are "longtime friends."

Chavo and Rey started off feeling each other out with Rey getting the upper hand. Chavo pulled Rey into a headlock and shoulderblocked Rey off the ropes. Chavo tried to pull of Rey's mask but Rey kicked him and went crazy with strikes and punches in retaliation. Sr. tried to give his son a pep talk. The crowd began chanting "Chavo sucks" as Tazz said the crowd wasn't showing him proper respect.

Rey dove off the ropes and caught Chavo with headscissors. Rey rolled up Chavo for a near fall. Chavo slams Rey down on the mat face first. Chavo took over on Rey and slammed him for a near fall. Chavo tied up Rey on the mat with a top wristlock.

Rey made his way to his feet and springboarded off the bottom for a sunset flip. Chavo escaped but was draped on the ropes. Rey hit the 619. Rey went for a springboard move off the ropes but Sr. grabbed his legs and pulled him down. Jorge Paez snuck up behind Sr. and decked him. The referee saw Paez' punch and threw him out of the Arena.

Chavo checked on his father on the floor. Rey hit a springboard plancha to the floor. Rey tossed Chavo back in the ring and hit a springboard legdrop for a two count. Chavo took over and climbed the turnbuckles. Rey hit a series of punches and climbed to the top. Chavo grabbed Rey and did an old Dean Malenko favorite, a gutbuster off the ropes with Rey landing on Chavo's knee.

Chavo stalked Rey and began kicked him. He choked Rey against the ropes. Chavo rolled up Rey in a small package for a nearfall. Chavo cinched in a abdominal stretch on the Cruiserweight champion. Rey got out of it, but Chavo caught him and turned him upside down into a single boston crab submission with Rey positioned upside down.

Chavo began kicking and beating on the prone Mysterio. Chavo scored another two count. Mysterio began bridging upwards to break pinfall attempts. Rey pulled himself over Chavo and sunset flipped him for a two count. Chavo hit a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster for near fall.

Chavo went for another half crab but Rey turned it over and hit a bulldog for a near fall. Chavo again took out Rey's momentum with a knee that flipped Mysterio over. Rey kicked out again. Tazz warned that if Chavo loses his cool, he could lose his momentum. Chavo hit a lariat on Chavo.

Rey was whipped into the turnbuckle but flipped off into a headscissors, tossing Chavo into the turnbuckles. The referee began counting down both men. Rey began unloading his kicks and strikes on Chavo, and then hit a variation of the Stroke (reverse Russian Leg Sweep) for a near fall. Rey and Chavo battled to the apron. Rey DDT'd Chavo on the apron. Chavo kicked out at nearly three.

Rey misses a springboard crossbody and hit a sitout gourd buster for a two count. Chavo whipped Rey into the corner and placed him on the turnbuckles. Chavo tried to unmask Rey but was elbowed off. Rey hit a beautiful moonsault but Chavo put his leg on the bottom rope to break the pin.

Chavo went for a powerbomb but dropped Rey ribs and facefirst, but Rey kicked out. Rey went for the 619 and again connected. Rey hit a springboard senton, but Chavo rolled through into the single leg crab. Rey looked as if he was going to tap out but made it to the rope. Chavo dragged him back into the center of the ring but the referee made Chavo break the hold.

As the referee argued with Chavo, Sr. pushed Rey off the ropes and he crashed and burned on the top rope and flipped into the ring. Chavo rolled up Rey for the pin.

Your winner and new WWE Cruiserweight champion, Chavo Guerrero!

This was a really fun match!

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