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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-15 20:00:00

Tazz and Michael Cole looked at the tale of the tape for the main event, and then went to a video feature on WWE champion Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero.

Brock Lesnar made his way to the ring first. Eddie Guerrero drove the Low Rider into the Arena, with a camera inside the car. Michael Cole said tonight was a day of reckoning for Eddie and recapped the events of Guerrero's firing and comeback to the WWE. Brock didn't show any signs of the earlier Jackhammer.

The crowd chanted "Eddie" at the match started. Lesnar and Eddie locked up with Lesnar shoving him off several times, but Eddie refused to back off. Lesnar began beating down Eddie with kicks in the corner.

Brock continued to beat down Eddie. Brock powerbombed Eddie, then held him, spun around and sent Guerrero flying. Brock hit a belly to belly suplex on Eddie. Lesnar kneed Guerrero in the jaw. Eddie struggled to get back to his feet and fired back with several shots but Lesnar kneed him in the ribs and sent Guerrero back to the mat.

Guerrero rolled out of the ring to buy some time as Lesnar mocked him from the ring. Eddie tried to get back in the ring but Lesnar kicked him through the ropes in the ribs. Lesnar sent Eddie into the railing. Eddie finally shoulderblocked Lesnar and clotheslined him on the top rope. Eddie grabbed Lesnar's leg to the ringpost and slammed Lesnar's knee against it. Eddie tried to do it again but Lesnar pulled Guerrero into the post.

Eddie got back in the ring. Lesnar began beating Eddie's back and hit him with a delayed fisherman's buster. Lesnar scored a two count but Guerrero kicked out. Lesnar locked a side chinlock on Eddie, who made it to his feet and dropped into a jawbreaker. Eddie couldn't follow up. Brock pressed Eddie over his head but Eddie got away and dropkicked Brock's knee. Brock clotheslined Eddie down before he could continue any momentum.

Brock hit a huge German suplex on Eddie. Lesnar smothered Guerrero in the corner and continued to beat him down. Lesnar continued to work over Eddie's back and midsection. Lesnar went for a high knee in the corner, but Eddie ducked. Lesnar hit his knee on the turnbuckle and crashed over the top to the floor. Tazz and Michael Cole painted it as the opening Eddie has needed. Guerrero dove out of the ring on Brock.

Both men rolled back in the ring and Eddie went right after the injured knee. Eddie ducked a clothesline and hit a belly to back suplex. Eddie charged but was hit with a Hot Shot into the ropes. Lesnar covered Eddie, who kicked out at two.

Lesnar went for a powerbomb, but Eddie locked in a submission around the knee, then turned it into an STF in the center of the ring. Eddie drove Lesnar's knee into the mat and went after it with a series of kicks. Eddie tried to lock in a figure four leglock but Lesnar's legs were too big and kicked Eddie off.

Eddie dropkicked Lesnar in the side of the head. Lesnar made his way back to his feet and hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Guerrero. The crowd began chanting for "Goldberg." Brock shot Eddie into the ropes but he came back with head scissors to take Brock down. Eddie locked in a figure four leglock in the center of the ring. Brock tried to turn it over but couldn't. Lesnar used his strength to pull himself towards the ropes and finally grabbed the bottom rope.

Eddie continued to assault the champion's knee. Eddie locked in a Texas Cloverleaf and then turned it back into another STF. Lesnar powered out of the hold by rolling over. Lesnar jettisoned Eddie into the air with a German suplex. The referee began counting both men down. Lesnar got to his feet first and hit a spinebuster on Eddie. Lesnar made the cover but Guerrero kicked out at two.

Brock locked on a rear naked choke on Guerrero, scissoring his legs around Eddie's midsection. Eddie got to his knees and was trying to break the hold but Lesnar held his weight down on Eddie. Eddie used that momentum to charge towards the corner and send Brock flying into the turnbuckles. Lesnar's nose and mouth came up bloody. Lesnar continued to beat on Eddie, screaming, "Die Eddie! Just Die!"

Lesnar locked in a reverse gutlock as the crowd chanted Eddie's name and he struggled for the ropes. Brock finally tossed Guerrero with a Gutwretch suplex. Lesnar threw Guerrero back with several bridges but Eddie kicked up at two each time. Eddie began to come back with a series of headbutts. Lesnar went down after Eddie came off the ropes with a dropkick to the knee.

Eddie hit a flying headscissors. Lesnar kneed Guerrero in the stomach but missed a charge in the corner. Eddie hit a series of three vertical suplexes. Eddie motioned for the frog splash and ascended to the top rope. Eddie dove off with the frog splash but Lesnar rolled out of the way. No water in the pool. Michael Cole and Tazz said that may have been Eddie's last match.

Lesnar hit the F-5 on Eddie but Eddie's legs clipped referee Brian Hebner when he was in the rotation. The crowd began yelling for Goldberg. Lesnar rolled out of the ring and grabbed the WWE championship belt. Goldberg hit the ring and speared Lesnar. Goldberg was wearing broken handcuffs on one hand. Goldberg walked off with the referee, Lesnar, and Eddie all down. The fans chanted for Eddie.

Guerrero made the cover and the referee counted one...two....kickout by Lesnar! Guerrero grabbed the WWE title belt and measured him with it as Lesnar struggled to his feet. Eddie charged but Brock cut him off and went for the F-5 but Eddie turned it into a DDT on the title belt.

Eddie hits a top rope frog splash and pins Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship!! A tremendous, must see match.

Eddie jumped into the crowd and celebrates. He comes back into the ringside area and hugs his mother and Mando Guerrero. Eddie stands on the announcers' table and holds the WWE championship aloft for the fans to see.

The winner and new WWE champion, Eddy Guerrero.

Somewhere, Art Barr is smiling. Elite Members. stay tuned for an Elite Audio update as Dave Scherer and Buck Woodward discuss WWE's No Way Out!

Thank you ALL for logging into tonight!

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