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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-15 20:00:00

They aired footage of Smackdown featuring Kurt Angle's attack.

Josh Matthews interviewed Angle backstage, asking him why he thought it was John Cena or The Big Show who attacked him. Angle said that the two people with the most to gain was Cena and Show, so he thought it was one of them. Angle said that nothing was going to keep him from making it to Wrestlemania Cena stepped in and said it is all about Wrestlemania. He said he was the kind of guy to knock Kurt Angle out but if he was going to do it, he would do it to Angle's face. Angle and Cena brawled.

The next bout is a tag team attraction with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas facing Faarooq and Bradshaw, the APA. As The World's Greatest Tag Team came to the ring, they aired footage of Benjamin vs. Bradshaw from last Thursday's Smackdown. Bradshaw came out with his arm heavily taped. Cole asked Tazz if he thought Roy Shires ever expected an event like No Way Out to take place in the Cow Palace. Tazz doubted it, but said it was happening.

Shelton Benjamin and Faarooq started the match with Benjamin controlling him on the mat and getting a near fall early. Faarooq went for a test of strength but kicked Benjamin in the gut and hit a back elbow for a near fall. Bradshaw and Faarooq hit a double shoulderblock on Benjamin for a near fall as the announcers noted Bradshaw used his left arm.

Charlie Haas tagged in and went right after Bradshaw's injured arm. Faarooq tagged in and shoulderblocked Haas' back from behind as Bradshaw held Haas in place. Faarooq missed a shoulder tackle into the turnbuckles. Haas went right after Faarooq's arm. He held it in place as Benjamin leaped over the ropes and drilled his feet into Faarooq's arm. Haas and Benjamin tagged in and out to keep the momentum. Benjamin continued to work over Faarooq, hitting a flying armbar.

Benjamin dragged Faarooq back to the Haas/Benjamin corner as they double-teamed Faarooq. Haas locked an armbar on Faarooq as Bradshaw tried to rally the crowd. Haas tagged in Benjamin but Faarooq finally tagged in Bradshaw, who hit a big boot and tossed Haas over the top to the floor. Bradshaw powerbombed Benjamin but Haas hit a legdrop to break up the cover.

Faarooq chased Haas off as Bradshaw worked over Benjamin. Haas slammed Faarooq into the ring post shoulderfirst. Bradshaw hit a fall away slam off the ropes. Haas attacked Bradshaw but was hit with the Clothesline from Hell. Bradshaw hit it with his injured arm and went down hurt. Shelton Benjamin hit a superkick and made the cover for the pin and the victory.

Your winners, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!

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