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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-14 22:57:00

Welcome to's TNA Final Resolution 2007 live coverage!

The Pre-Game show opened with a video feature spotlighting the main events for tonight's PPV broadcast from Orlando, Florida.

We moved live on the air with Raven beating down Serotonin with Singapore Canes for losing a dark match before they went on the air.

They went to Christy Hemme outside the building, surrounded by chanting fans pushing those at home to order TNA's first PPV of the year.

TNA is pushing a text message voting for fans to voice who's going to win the 30 Minute Iron Man match at 99 cents a text. I guess that's the new 900 number gimmick.

Mike Tenay and Don West reviewing the lineup for tonight's PPV.

Leticia was backstage Bob Backlund, who is going to be one of the judges tonight. Backlund covered her up and basically threw out a ton of big words while Leticia looked confused and tried to ad lib around it. It didn't come off good. In the end, Backlund handed her a dictionary and told her to call her mom. Seriously!

They aired a video feature on Rhino vs. AJ Styles.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash ran down matches for the PPV and pushed the Angle/Joe fan voting, which they claimed was at 50% after seven minutes. Borash introduced Rhino, who promised it was all going to end tonight between he and AJ Styles. He said the final man to stand on their own two feet would be the winner. He promised he would destroy Styles and rip him in half with a gore tonight.

Lance Hoyt vs. Chase Stevens

Stevens is still wearing his Franchised Naturals gear. They painted it as if Team 3D had destroyed the Naturals last month. They showed The Chicago White Sox' Dale Torborg and AJ Pierzynski at ringside to build to the big MLB tag match scheduled for later this year. Hoyt backdropped Stevens. Stevens hit a springboard dropkick, sending Hoyt to the floor, where he ended up in the Whote Sox's face. They mocked him. Back in the ring, Stevens worked over Hoyt. He went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and slammed down. Stevens hit a running boot to the face on Hoyt. Hoyt caught him and hit a TKO variation for the pin. OK match. Too short to be anything of note but nothing wrong with it.

Your winner, Lance Hoyt!

Hoyt immediately went down to ringside and got into Torborg's face. Torborg shoved him and they started brawling. Torborg got tossed into the ringside area and Pierzynski slammed Hoyt over the back with a chair. Security broke it up.

In the midst of all this, Shane Douglas came out and ripped apart Stevens for wearing the Franchise colors. Stevens didn't like it and shoved Douglas back. Security then got between them. Once they pulled the bit with Shane Douglas, it came off like they were trying to do too much at once, but the MLB angle was fine.

They aired a video feature on LAX vs. Team 3D.

They reviewed what just happened with Lance Hoyt and the White Sox. Smart idea.

They aired a video feature on the Three-Way for the NWA title.

Jeremy Borash interviewed NWA champion Abyss and Jim Mitchell. Mitchell said it was a glorious time to be alive. Mitchell said that for the past several months, Sting has been a thorn in Mitchell's side but they have fixed all the things Sting has done to mess with Abyss' mind. Mitchell said that Abyss was going to get the job done once and for all tonight. Christian Cage and Tomko showed up. Cage said that he had something Mitchell would be interested in and said they needed to talk. Mitchell walked off with Cage. Abyss went to follow but Tomko got into his face and the two stared down.

Christy Hemme took predictions for the Iron Man match from fans at ringside and then pitched it to a video feature on the match. Hemme is really great in her role.

Jeremy Borash announced that the winner of the Iron Man match would challenge the NWA champion next month at Against All Odds. He interviewed Kurt Angle, who said it he came to TNA with two things in mind. He wanted to end Samoa Joe's winning streak and he did so. He said he wanted to win the NWA title and would next month. He said that last month when Joe beat him, Joe only pissed off Angle so for those 30 minutes, Joe was all his.

Don West did a hard sell to push tonight's PPV.

They aired a music video to close out the pre-game show.

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