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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-14 22:57:00

TNA Final Resolution opened with an awesome video feature focusing on the Iron Man match and the NWA championship bout. They were painting Angle vs. Joe as their Frazier vs. Ali, which was a brilliant idea in my opinion.

AJ Styles vs. Rhino: Last Man Standing Match

Rhino took Styles down with a big shoulderblock and a backdrop. Styles tried to kick him off but Rhino grabbed him by the leg and sent him sailing across the ring. Rhino backdropped Styles over the ropes but AJ landed on his feet. Rhino slammed AJ's head into the turnbuckles and he fell to the floor. Rhino did a pescado to the floor. Rhino tossed AJ into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Styles nailed a big dropkick as Rhino rebounded off the ropes. AJ began pummeling Rhino but Rhino began doing the superhuman no sell and unloaded on AJ. AJ cut him off with a kick to the knee.

Styles took down Rhino with a drop toehold then began choking Rhino with his wrist tape. Rhino began to mount a comeback but Styles lowblowed him as referee Earl Hebner removed the tape from the ring. Styles hit a top rope splash for the pin, but Rhino has a ten count to return to his feet. Styles grabbed his nose after the splash but it didn't appear he struck his face when I reviewed the tape. Rhino got to his knees, so Styles attacked him with a series of rights and kicks to the chest.

Rhino grabbed Styles and flipped him backwards into the corner with Styles' face hitting the top turnbuckle. Both men were down on the mat. Styles recovered first.Styles tossed Rhino to the floor, then hit a running flip dive to the floor.

Back in the ring, Styles continued to work over Rhino. Styles went to jump off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a spinebuster and pinned. Styles now has a 10 count to return to his feet. He returned to his feet at 8.

They faced off and then began slugging it out in center ring. Styles hit a sunset flip powerbomb off the top into the ring scoring a two count. Rhino hit a Samoa Drop/TKO variation that looked nasty, scoring another two count. Rhino slid to the floor, pulling out a table. He took too long, giving Styles a chance to attack and crotch him on it.

Back in the ring, Styles hit his springboard flying forearm on Rhino, but only scored a 2 count. Styles comes back with a powerbomb for a two count. Rhino pulled Styles up and went to attack, but Styles ducked under and hit the Pele Kicl. Rhino came back to gore Styles and pinned him. Earl Hebner began counting Styles down as Rhino went to the floor and began setting up the table again.

Rhino returned to the ring and was waiting for Styles to get to his feet at eight. Styles realized it and went back down, telling Rhino "Screw you" as the referee counted to ten and rang the bell.

Your winner, Rhino!

Rhino took the mic and said that he may have won the match but Styles was still breathing and Rhino was going to take care of him tonight. Styles ran to the back with Rhino in chase.

Terrible finish. The match didn't seem to click beyond a few big spots. Let's hope this is the only time tonight a finish makes me think of the words "December to Dismember" because this was absolutely awful of an ending, one of those finishes where it's creative to the point of insulting your audience.

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the lineup when suddenly Rhino and AJ Styles brawled back out to the entrance stage. Rhino hit the Rhinodriver on Styles. Rhino returned to ringside and dragged the table back. He set up the table so it was standing in front of the entrance tunnel. Rhino gored as Styles got up, but AJ evaded it and Rhino crashed through the table and tunnel. They began playing Styles' music?

Great visual and that would have been a decent ending to the match - Rhino tries to gore Styles, but Styles misses and Rhino ends up knocking himself out, getting pinned and Styles steals a victory. One mistake costs Rhino what he wants...but instead we had the silly ending of Styles laying them and allowing himself to be counted out. Not to mention, why in the world is Styles music being played? He LOST the match! The match was a victim of trying to be too cute and creative.

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