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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-14 22:57:00

NWA Tag Team champions LAX vs. Team 3D

Devon and Hernandez started the match.   Boy, TNA really needs a kickass second half of the show at this point.  Devon shoulderblocked Hernandez and neither went down but Hernandez was selling the shots.  Devon hit a shoulderblock to take down Hernandez, then nailed a series of armdrags and dropkicks for a near fall. 

Brother Ray tagged in.  Homicide spit his gum at Ray.  Ray picked it up, chewed it, and spit it back in his face.  Homicide hit the ring and got slammed down.  Ray picked up Homicide and sent him sailing across the ring.  Homicide came back with a series of punches but couldn't whip him out of the corner.  He went for a monkey flip out of the corner but was shoved off and clotheslines.  They went back and forth with Ray finally hitting a uranage.

Team 3D doubleteamed Homicide.  Hernandez and Devon began chopping each other.  LAX took over on Devon.  Ray and Homicide began stiffing each other in the ring with chops.  Ray tossed Homicide to the floor where he kept bullying him by shoving him into the railing.  Devon tagged in.  LAX doubleteamed him and began making some tags back and forth, getting some near falls.

Devon came back with a double clothesline while rebounding over the ropes.  Hernandez missed a shoulderblock in the corner and was clotheslined by Devon.  Hernandez hit a backdrop suplex and Homicide came off the ropes with an elbow.  Ray was bleeding above the eye.  They did the Whazzup headbutt on Hernandez and hit a 3D on Homicide, who wasn't the legal man in the ring. 

I swear to you, I am not making this up.  Brother Runt came out dressed like Santa Claus, was drunk and hit a top rope splash of sorts on Homicide.  The referee rang the bell and called for a disqualification.  Well, so much for the kickass match this PPV needed.  It's all on Joe and Angle now.

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