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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-14 22:57:00

They aired a video feature on the X-Division championship.

Leticia interviewed Jerry Lynn.  He noted he was 43 and mocked anyone who thought he was too old to be competitive.  Lynn looks great.  He said that if Chris Sabin thought that Lynn taught him everything that Lynn knows, he was mistaken.  He said that he was going to teach Christopher Daniels all about Wrestling 101.

TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin

Daniels and Lynn worked over Sabin early, so he retreated to the floor.  When they turned their attention to each other, Sabin returned to the ring.  Daniels hit a combination neckbreaker/diamond cutter on his challengers.  Daniels clotheslined  Sabin to the floor.  He hit Lynn with an enziguiri, then scissored Lynn with his legs, hanging outside the ring upside down in the process.  This left Daniels easy pickings for Sabin, who attacked him from the floor.  

With Daniels down on the floor, Sabin turned his attention to Lynn.  Sabin charged with an elbow, getting a two count.  Daniels returned to the apron but was knocked back to the floor.  Lynn slammed Sabin and scored a two count.  Daniels returned and locked a submission on Lynn but Sabin broke it up with a stomp off the ropes.  Sabin continued to work over Daniels with kicks as Lynn rolled to the floor.  Sabin came back with a mule kick and running dropkick to Daniels' head.  Sabin hit the Hangtime dropkick into Daniels; who was tied to the tree of woe.

Lynn returned to the ring, unloading with chops on Sabin.  Lynn hit a missile dropkick on both of his opponents.  Lynn unloaded with punches on both.  Lynn dove off the ropes, catching Sabin with a hurrancanrana, then hitting one on Daniels.  Fans chanted, "New Fn' Show" which was Lynn's ECW moniker.  Lynn clotheslined Sabin but then went down, which looked weird, so I guess it was supposed to be a double clothesline.

Lynn went for a top rope bulldog but Daniels leaped up and caught Lynn with a STO off the ropes at the same time.  Sabin tried to hit a running boot to Lynn's face but was caught and nailed with a sitdown powerbomb.  Lynn scored a twe count, but Daniels broke up the pinfall.  Lynn caught Daniels with the Kryptonite Krunch, but Sabin broke up the pinfall.

Lynn hit the Cradle Piledriver on Daniels and went for the pin but Sabin rolled him up from behind and scored the pin.

Your winner and new TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin!

Good match but it seemed to end just as it was really starting to click.


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