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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-14 22:57:00

They aired a video feature on VKM's challenge to WWE. It sure is something to watch old videos of VKM complaining about what WWE skits have been done after watching some of the stuff that preceded them on this PPV.

VKM came to the ring. BG James said that war is hell and it's hard to declare a victory but tonight, they were declaring victory over WWE and Vincent K McMahon. He said that they had no choice, saying they did everything they were supposed to do. He said they spent a night at Titan Tower, but WWE did nothing. He said that they ambushed Paul Levesque at a WWE house show in Knoxville, TN and he did nothing. They then said, "Paul, no one wants to see one of the boys go down. Heal your wheel, bro." BG said that they went to San Antonio, Texas but Michael Hickenbottom was a no show. He said that they laid out the Million Dollar Challenge, but WWE did nothing.

BG said that it just showed how stupid WWE was because they could have gotten a million dollars and ratings, because ratings is all Vince cares about. He said that they had ratings to have Mr. Spears pin his champion and a match with celebrity look-alikes. He said that Vince sat at ringside listening to the fans booing and then, "as if it was magic, those boos morphed into TNA chants."

BG said that all those chants made him realize that their battle in the war is over with. What's left is Vince's war against the wrestling fans around the world. He said that fans don't like to have their intelligence insulted and that's what they do every week on Monday Night Raw. Um, this wasn't exactly the PPV you really want to use to compare the differences with WWE. BG James led the fans to sing, "We're Not Gonna Take It."

VKM said there was a new sherrif in town and his name was TNA. Christy Hemme came running out with a live mic and said that she didn't want to be disrespectful and started getting choked up. She said that she might get fired for this but she had something to say.

Hemme demanded to know why everyone ignored the importance of Joanie Laurer in DX and asked if it was because she was "just a woman in a man's world." SERIOUSLY. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP!

Hemme then asked about Lita, saying she ran from the business, She broke down crying asking why women have to run from this business.

She began naming all the women in TNA saying none of them are disposable. She said she wants to be part of the business so bad and she loves it The fans began chanting, "We want wrestling" and Hemme responded, "I do too." She said that women deserve respect and deserve to be more then just a blip in wrestling. The live crowd turned on it. This started as a promo pointing out fans turning on being fed non-wrestling and it turns into fans turning on being fed non-wrestling. Hemme tried to leave the ring but BG James tried to console her.

Kip James grabbed the mic and called Hemme a slut. He told her to go back to the strip club she got fired from. He told her never to interrupt him again because women are only good for two things. Hemme agreed, saying those things were their bodies and putting men in line. She slapped him. BG held Kip back.

What in the world did I just watch...and why?

Jeremy Borash interviewed Team 3D. Brother Ray said that tonight they are going to see the match that the people have been dying for - the old punks vs. the new punks. He said that LAX took out Brother Runt so they took out Konnan. He said LAX has never been in a match without Konnan at their side. He said that all week, fans have told them they have nothing to worry about because LAX has never done a thing and have nothing Team 3D wants. Ray said that was wrong because they have the glory and prestige of being the NWA Tag Team champions. They said they were coming for the belts.

Team 3D left and Borash began signing off the segment when Sting appeared asking if Borash has seen Abyss. Borash said no.

They aired a video feature on LAX vs. Team 3D.

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