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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-14 22:57:00

James Storm (with Gail Kim) vs. Petey Williams

Williams started fast, using his speed to keep Storm off balance. A frustrated Storm went to the floor to regroup. The storyline is that Gail Kim is with Storm because she had to choose and there's no word as to whether Chris Harris will ever come back. Storm and Williams battled briefly on the floor. The crowd began chanting "Kill the cowboy" and "Brokeback Mountain" at Storm. Storm cinched on a chinlock but Williams made a comeback for a near fall.

Storm took Williams out with a big clothesline. Storm powerbombed Williams, then picked him back up for the Whirlybird. Storm set up Williams on the ropes so Kim could interfere but she was conflicted and didn't do it.

Williams came back with a high knee and attempted a tornado DDT but Storm escaped and put Williams on the apron. Williams hit a high cross bodyblock into the ring, then nailed a side Russian legsweep. He teased a Canadian Destroyer but Storm came back and nailed a DDT out of the corner. Storm scored a two count.

Williams came back by driving Storm facefirst into his knees. Storm drove him into the corner facefirst and went for the superkick. He went for Chris Harris' finisher, the Catatonic, but Williams escaped and went for the Canadian Piledriver. Storm rolled up Williams and used the ropes to score the pin.

Your winner, James Storm!

The fans and Gail Kim all tried to tell the referee that Storm cheated to win but Storm attacked Williams and handcuffed him to the corner. He grabbed a beer bottle and went to smash Williams but Gail stopped him. Storm grabbed her by the throat and teased hitting her with the bottle but Kim hit him low and began kicking the crap out of Storm. She teased hitting him with the bottle but Jacqueline Moore (Ms. Texas/WWE's Jackie) hit the ring and laid out Kim. She and Storm hit AMW's finisher, the Death Sentence on Kim.

Another match with a finish and angle where creatively, there was way too much going on at once.

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