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By Mike Johnson on 2007-01-14 22:57:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kevin Nash.  He said that tonight he was going to win some and lose some because it would be Austin Starr vs. Alex Shelley tonight.  He introduced Bob Backlund as his head judge.  Backlund and Nash went back and forth and Lord knows where it was going because I don't think either of them did.  It was funny but a total trainwreck.  Nash left Backlund with Borash.  

Eric Young showed up.  He said that Jeremy Borash promised to take him shopping.  He and Backlund faced off.  Young called Backlund "Mr. President" and said that he voted for Backlund in 1995.  That was funny.

They aired a Paparazzi Championship Series Video segment.

Paparazzi Championship Series Final: Alex Shelley vs. Austin Starr

Kevin Nash joined Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary.  The judges were "Big Fat Naked Oily Guy", a masked Samolian Joe (a reference was made to him during an early Alex Shelley/Kevin Nash video segment), and Bob Backlund.  If you could see me now, my head would be in my hands as I type all this.

They felt each other out early in the match.  They did some good matwork early but most of the commentating was about Nash vs. Backlund for the WWF title and the oily guy.  Shelley clotheslined Starr.  Live crowd was into Shelley.    Shelley hit a backbreaker and went for Sliced Bread #2 but was shoved off.  Starr hit a left and an elbow.  He began kicking Shelley in the corner.  There were way too many camera shots on the judges so we could see Oily guy eating and rubbing himself.  Why would TNA think we want to watch a mockery of a WWE gimmick no one wants to see in the first place?  This is really feeling like a WCW Nitro match where everything is being focused on but the Cruiserweights.  I didn't like having to watch Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko while hearing about Hulk Hogan's limo arriving and this sort of has the same feel.

Shelley hit a knee off the top to the side of Starr's head, sending him to the floor.  Shelley hit a dive onto Starr right in front of the judges.  Shelley caught Starr with a big kick to the face and hit a quebrada for a two count.  Starr tried for a suplex but was cut off with a kick.  Shelley controlled a good part of the match so far.

Starr went to the top but was cut off.  Shelley hit a lungblower on Starr, who was set up on the ropes.  I bet these guys are doing spots that Backlund has never actually seen before, so if it was a legitimate judging, Lord knows what he would have to say.

With one minute left, Shelley has controlled everything, so I'm wondering if the finish is that he gets screwed when the judges rule for Starr.  The actual in-ring was solid but not the focus on what they showed on TV.  Starr locked on a Camel Clutch as the time limit expired.

Jeremy Borash took the judges' scorecards from ringside and entered the ring to announce the winners like a boxing or UFC fight.  Judge Samolian Joe ruled for Starr.  Oily Guy ruled for Shelley.  Borash didn't know what Backlund ruled, so Backlund entered and began giving a huge monologue. He called Shelley "Alex Shelton" although I don't know if that was a line or a screwup.  After all this, Backlund ruled it a draw.  Holy Clash of Champions 1, Batman.  This segment is dying.

Kevin Nash decreed that they were going to a five minute overtime since they couldn't come to a decision.  They did a series of fast back and forth nearfalls with Alex Shelley scoring the pinfall with a crucifix.  Crowd loved Shelley getting the win.  

The other PCS competitors came out to celebrate.  Starr was furious and got in Nash's face.  He grabbed the mic and said that he didn't come to TNA to jump on pogo sticks and resurrect Nash's career.  He said that the only person here he respects is Senshi and told him to leave with him.  When Senshi didn't leave, Starr slapped him.  Starr was great on the mic.  Senshi and Starr scuffled briefly before Starr left the ring.  He slapped Samolian Joe and challenged Oily Guy and Backlund.  You know where this was going, Backlund snapped and applied the crossface chicken wing.

This was so all over the place, I don't know what to call it other then a trainwreck.  There was some good, like the actual wrestling and Starr's promo after the match, but all the shenanigans surrounding the match just took away from it as opposed to enhancing it.

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