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By Buck Woodward on 2004-08-16 11:02:00

The events leading to Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero were shown. 

Kurt Angle, with Luther Reigns, vs. Eddie Guerrero.  Eddie drove out in a low rider, as Angle glared at him the whole time. They locked up, and Angle took Eddie down with a waistlock.  They jockeyed for position, with Angle backing Guerrero against the ropes for a clean break.  Surprising amount of fan support for Angle.  Guerrero went for Angle's ankle, and they continued to struggle on the mat.  Guerrero grabbed a side mare and took Angle down into a side headlock.  Angle armdragged out and grabbed Eddie in a keylock. Eddie worked his way to his feet and used a fireman's carry takedown, then armdragged Angle and applied an armbar.  Eddie went into a hammerlock, but Angle reversed into a waistlock and hit a German suplex.  Angle went for a second, but Eddie rolled forward and hooked Angle in an ankle lock.  Eddie pulled Angle into the center of the ring, and Angle thumbed Eddie in the eyes to break out.  Angle hit an Angle Slam, then pulled down the straps and went for the ankle lock.  Eddie struggled, but Angle got the hold on.  Guerrero hooked Angle's leg into his own ankle lock, but Angle rolled him over and broke free, while maintaining his ankle lock.  Guerrero made the ropes to force a break.  Reigns kicked Guerrero in the head from ringside. 

Angle applied the ankle lock again, with Eddie desperately trying to escape, finally making the ropes again. Angle dropped an elbow on the leg, and rammed the ankle into the steel ringpost. Eddie hit a series of chops in a brief rally, but Angle took Eddie into an STF variation.  Eddie had some blood near his eye. Angle applied a leglace, and Eddie raked at Angle's face, applied a jujigatame, and kicked Angle in the face.  Angle went right back after Eddie's foot though, applying another STF variation, and was unlacing Guerrero's boot. Angle went into a traditional reverse chinlock, and Eddie got out with a jawbreaker.  Eddie ducked a punch and gave Angle a Angle Slam.  Both men were down on the mat, and slowly got up.  Angle hit some right hands, but Eddie returned fire with punches of his own. Eddie slugged Angle to the mat, then delivered three consecutive vertical suplexes.  Eddie, favoring his leg, went to the top rope, but Angle did the running the ropes belly to belly suplex for a two count.  

Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Eddie reversed it into a DDT.  Eddie went to the top rope again, but Angle rolled out of the way as Eddie went for the frog splash, and Eddie crashed to the mat.  Angle hit Guerrero with an Angle Slam, but Guerrero kicked out at two.  The fans were chanting for "Eddie" now.  Angle pulled the boot off of Guerrero's injured foot, and applied an ankle lock.  Eddie rolled out of the ankle lock, sending Angle into the referee.  Eddie picked up his boot, and hit Angle with it.  He then hit Luther with it as he got on the apron.  Eddie then dropped down in the ring as the referee came to, hiding what he had just did.  Eddie hit Angle with a frog splash for two.  There were now chants for Angle.  Angle grabbed at Eddie's foot while lying on the mat and applied an ankle lock on the unprotected foot, and Eddie rolled through it, but Angle held on.  Angle sat down on the hold, keeping Eddie from making the ropes.  Eddie struggled in the hold, and finally tapped out at the fourteen minute mark. 

Winner: Kurt Angle. 

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