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By Buck Woodward on 2004-08-16 11:02:00

Diva Dodgeball was next. 

Jonathan Coachman was the host.  The Diva Search girls wore bikini tops and short shorts. The WWE Divas wore matching athletic outfits, and all came out together like some sort of freakish conga line. There were only six Diva Search contestants (no Carmella).  Trish was not playing in the game.

They played Dodgeball. The Diva Search contestants quickly took over by eliminating Victoria, Jazz and Stacy in short order. 

Molly was eliminated. Joy was eliminated, leaving Nidia at a five on one disadvantage.  Nida was eliminated, and the Diva Search girls won.   

Trish argued with the officials. Trish and Victoria then argued, and got into a brawl, having to be separated. 

The live fans in the arena booed the segment. 

Commentary:  This was stupid. 

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