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By Buck Woodward on 2004-08-16 11:02:00

A long video package on the history between Eugene and Triple H was shown. 

Eugene vs. Triple H.  Eugene came out smiling and happy, until he saw Triple H in the ring, then he started getting angry. Eugene started off with some punches, but Triple H quickly out slugged him, and knocked him down in a corner.  Eugene reversed a whip and hit a back elbow, then delivered a backdrop.  The fans were booing Eugene. Triple H rolled to the floor, and Eugene hit a double axhandle off the ring apron.  Triple H grabbed ring announcer Lilian Garcia and used her as a shield from Eugene.  Triple H then threw her down, and when Eugene went to check on her, Triple H kicked him. Triple H stomped Eugene down in a corner, as Lilian Garcia was carried from ringside.  Triple H cleared the Spanish Announcers table, and went to suplex Eugene from the ring through the table, but Eugene reversed it and suplexed Triple H into the ring.  Eugene slugged Triple H in the corner, losing count at one point. He hit ten shots, then clapped in celebration.  Triple H faked a leg injury out of nowhere, and Eugene fell for it, backing off and allowing Triple H to hit Eugene from behind and send him to the floor. 

Triple H tossed Eugene back into the ring and hit a backbreaker. A "Eugene Sucks" chant rung out.  Eugene mounted a comeback, hitting a reverse atomic drop and stomping Triple H in a corner.  Triple H begged off, and asked for a handshake.  Eugene shook his hand, then pulled Triple H into a Rock Bottom.  Eugene went for a People's Elbow, but Triple H got up and caught Eugene in a spinebuster. Triple H pounded and choked Eugene, then stomped him to the floor.  Triple H tossed Eugene into the ring steps, and Eugene sliced his arm on the steps. Triple H tossed Eugene back into the ring and hit a series of punches, then choked him. Triple H tore at Eugene's face, then slugged him to the mat. Eugene struggled to his feet, and Triple H slugged him to the mat.  Eugene battled back with some punches, then Triple H applied a sleeper. Eugene did the Hulk Hogan-style comeback from the sleeper, and the crowd booed.  Triple H kicked Eugene in the gut, and set for a Pedigree, but Eugene backdropped him. 

Triple H rammed Eugene into the turnbuckles, but Eugene hulked up, or freaked out, or whatever he does, and started hitting Triple H with a series of rights.  Eugene hit a reverse atomic drop and a clothesline.  Eugene went for a fireman's carry, but Triple H floated over.  Triple H went for a kick, but Eugene caught it, and gave Triple H the finger.  Eugene gave Triple H a Stone Cold Stunner, and Triple H fell to the floor.  Eugene went out after him, and rammed Triple H into the steps.  Ric Flair came out, to a pop, and distracted Eugene, but Eugene still hit a big boot to the face and a legdrop for two.  Flair got on the apron, but Eugene knocked him off.  Eugene got on the top rope, but Triple H caught him as he came off and set for the Pedigree.  Eugene tripped out and gave Triple H a catapult into the corner.  Eugene hit Triple H with a Pedigree, but Flair put his foot on the bottom rope.  The ref only counted two, but Eugene thought he won, and the referee had to explain to him that it wasn't over.  Flair tripped Eugene, and the referee ordered Flair away.  As Flair walked out, William Regal came out, and decked Flair with a set of brass knucks.  Eugene watched this instead of paying attention to Triple H.  He then turned around, and Triple H kicked him in the gut and delivered the Pedigree.  Triple H got the pin at the fourteen minute mark. 

Winner: Triple H.

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