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By Buck Woodward on 2004-08-16 11:02:00

The events leading to the "Till Death Do Us Part" match were shown. 

Till Death Do Us Part Match: Matt Hardy vs. Kane.  Lita will marry the winner.   Lita came to the ring first, and her pregnancy was starting to show. Hardy attacked Kane as he entered the ring, and blasted him with lariats in a corner.  Hardy booted a charging Kane, and hit a second rope Side Effect for a two count. Kane rolled to the apron, and Hardy choked Kane across the middle rope, kicked him in the head, and hit a second rope guillotine legdrop across the back of the head for a two count. Hardy hit a second rope Tornado DDT for another two. Hardy punched Kane down in a corner, but the referee separated them, allowing Kane to hit a thrust to the throat. Kane downed Hardy with a clothesline and blatantly choked him.  Kane hit a short arm clothesline in the corner, then pounded him with right hands. Kane and Lita started exchanging verbal barbs, and when Kane went back to Hardy, he ducked the charge and pulled down the top rope, sending Kane to the floor.  Hardy hit Kane with a pescado and delivered a Twist Of Fate on the floor.  Hardy got back in the ring, looking for a countout win, but Kane sat up at six and made it into the ring at nine. Hardy stomped Kane, while Lita slid the ringbell into the ring.  Lita went to the other side of the ring and distracted the referee, and Hardy blasted Kane with the ring bell.  Hardy covered Kane, but Kane got his foot on the ropes at two. 

Hardy went to the top rope, but Kane caught him as he came off in a choke.  Hardy fought free, and went for a Twist Of Fate, but Kane shoved him off and hit a big boot to the face.  Kane went to the top rope, but Hardy crotched him and went for a top rope DDT.  Kane blocked it, and hit a top rope chokeslam for the three count at the six minute mark. 

Winner: Kane.

Lita slowly walked up the aisle after the match.  Kane came after her, looking for a hug.  Lita ran away, as Kane laughed. 

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