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By Buck Woodward on 2004-08-16 11:02:00

WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, with Orlando Jordan, vs. The Undertaker.  No video package on this one, they went right to Undertaker's entrance, which including tons of pyro and smoke.  JBL entered with Orlando Jordan in his limo. Bradshaw was not grinning, and just stared at Undertaker as he entered the ring. They locked up and Undertaker shoved JBL to the floor.  Undertaker followed and Jordan went to hit Taker, but Taker glared at him.  Bradshaw went for a sucker punch, but Taker caught it and rammed Bradshaw's arm into the ring steps.  Back in the ring, Undertaker went after the arm, but Bradshaw came back with a neckbreaker and a sideslam for a two count. Bradshaw went to the top rope and hit a shoulderblock, then dropped an elbow for a two count. Bradshaw hit some knees and kicks in a corner, but Taker grabbed him in a Fujiwara armbar, then stomped the arm.  Taker went to work on the arm and did the Old School ropewalk, then dropped the forearm.  Taker hit a faceplant for a two count, as Bradshaw grabbed the ropes.  Taker applied a triangle choke, locking up the arm. Jordan pulled Bradshaw's leg to the ropes to force a break.  Undertaker ran into a JBL boot, but Taker fired back at Bradshaw.  Jordan got on the ring apron to help Bradshaw, but Taker booted him to the floor.  Bradshaw used the opportunity to clip Undertaker's leg with a chopblock.  Bradshaw rammed Taker's leg into the ringpost, then blasted it with a chair as Jordan distracted the referee. 

Bradshaw continued his assault on the leg, until Taker kicked him away with his good leg and decked Bradshaw on the floor.  Taker rammed Bradshaw face first into the ringsteps.  As Taker was standing on the ringsteps, Bradshaw tripped him, sending Undertaker down hard on his bad leg on the steps.  Orlando Jordan tossed Undertaker back into the ring, and Bradshaw applied a leglace.  The fans were doing a wave in the Air Canada Center. Undertaker reversed the leglace into a half Boston Crab, but Bradshaw made the ropes. Undertaker went for a hiptoss, Bradshaw blocked it, but Undertaker went into a rolling kneebar.  Bradshaw punched the bad leg of Taker to break out. Undertaker went for a backdrop, but Bradshaw slugged Taker.  Taker just glared at Bradshaw, then knocked him to the floor.  Taker stretched Bradshaw across the ring apron, then drove an elbow into Bradshaw's throat. Undertaker hit a legdrop across Bradshaw's chest on the apron.  The fans started chanting "Spanish Table", but when Undertaker got back in the ring, the fans booed.  Bradshaw yanked Undertaker throat first across the top rope as he got on the apron. Bradshaw went to the top rope, but Undertaker crotched him and delivered a superplex. 

Undertaker covered Bradshaw for a two count.  Undertaker signaled for the Last Ride.  Undertaker set up Bradshaw for it, but Bradshaw slugged the injured knee, then dropped elbows and legs on the injured limb.  Bradshaw applied a spinning toehold, but Undertaker grabbed him by the throat.  Bradshaw kicked at Undertaker's bad leg to break out.  Undertaker grabbed Bradshaw in a spinebuster for a two count.  Undertake and Bradshaw slugged it out, and Taker hit the flying clothesline. Undertaker hit a pair of clotheslines in a corner, then hit Snake Eyes and gave Bradshaw a Clothesline From Hell of his own for a two count. Undertaker hit a chokeslam for a two count, then went for a tombstone, but Bradshaw floated over it. Jordan was getting in the ring, and Undertaker went and slugged him from the ring.  This allowed Bradshaw to hit Undertaker with the Clothesline From Hell for a two count.  Bradshaw hit some right hands, but Taker tossed Bradshaw in a corner and hit his own punches.  Undertaker whipped Bradshaw into referee Nick Patrick.  Bradshaw and Undertaker then simultaneously kicked each other to the mat.  Jordan tossed Bradshaw the WWE Title belt, and Bradshaw hit Undertaker with it.  Jordan dragged Nick Patrick towards them, and "counted" a pin with his arm, but Undertaker kicked out at two anyway.  

Jordan went after the Undertaker, but Taker tossed him to the floor.  Bradshaw hit another Clothesline From Hell, then started punching Taker in a corner.  Taker walked out of the corner and dropped Bradshaw with the Last Ride powerbomb.  By the time the referee counted, Bradshaw kicked out at two. Jordan ran in again, and Taker blasted him again.  Taker then picked up the title belt and hit Bradshaw with it.  Referee Nick Patrick saw this, and called for the bell at the seventeen minute mark. 

Winner via disqualification: John Bradshaw Layfield. 

Post match, Undertaker beat Bradshaw bloody, slamming him on the hood of his limo (cracking the windshield).  Undertaker started to leave, then turned back around.  Undertaker pulled Bradshaw onto the roof of the limo and chokeslammed him through the roof of the limo (looked like a fabric that ripped right open).  Undertaker wiped some of Bradshaw's blood off the hood of the car and smeared it across his chest before leaving.  Bradshaw was pulled from the limo and put on a stretcher, as the fans sang "Hey Hey Goodbye". Jordan made them stop from wheeling JBL out until he had picked up the World Title belt and placed it across Bradshaw.

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