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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-17 22:47:00

WWE champion John Cena & WWE World champion Batista vs. Finlay and King Booker

They did big entrances for everyone. Booker and Cena started out. Booker nailed Cena with a series of forearms but Cena came back with an armbar. Crowd was really quiet beyond the entrances.

Batista and Finlay tagged in. Finlay tried to jump off the turnbuckles but was caught, dropped, and slapped. Batista catapulted Finlay into the ropes. Finlay bounced back and snapped backwards over Batista's knees. Batista hit a muscle buster but Booker broke up the pinfall.

Booker tagged in . He worked over Batista with chops in the corner. He tried to hiptoss Batista, but Batista caught him and clotheslined him down. Batista and Cena tagged in and out, working over Booker. Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle on Booker, teased the F-U, but Booker escaped. He locked on the STFU but Finlay interfered.

Batista and Finlay brawled while the referee broke them up. Booker nailed Cena in the throat with his royal sceptre. Booker and Finlay took turns working over Cena. The Little Bastard tried to interfere but when he measured Cena for a kick, Cena moved and he ended up kicking himself in the head. Booker took back over with a top wristlock. Cena escaped and nailed a DDT.

Cena made the hot tag to Batista, who nailed a spinebuster on Batista and clothesline on Finlay. He sent Finlay crashing into Booker in the corner. Booker ended up kicking Finlay. Batista hit a spinning sideslam. They went back and forth with nothing really clicking. Batista hit the Demon Bomb on Booker for the pin.

Your winners, John Cena and Batista!

The main event couldn't follow the undercard. It was all about the entrances and star power. It reminded me of a house show bout. There wasn't really anything forwarded in terms of storyline or even anything memorable inside the ring. It was just there with a lot of screwy stuff at the end.

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