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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-17 22:47:00

WWE United States champion Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo attacked Benoit from behind before the match started. Benoit battled back with knees and chops. Benoit clotheslined Chavo, then worked him over with punches. Vicky Guerrero was at ringside selling her neck in a brace. Benoit backdropped Chavo and went for the Sharpshooter but Chavo kicked him off. Benoit tossed Chavo to the floor and followed. He unloaded with chops on Chavo at ringside, then rolled him back inside the ring.

Back in the ring, Benoit hit his signature series of German suplexes, then signaled for the flying headbutt off the top rope. Guerrero got to the corner and took Benoit's legs out from under him. Benoit and Guerrero battled on the ropes with Benoit getting the better of the exchange and shoving Chavo off. Chavo returned and caught Benoit with a suplerplex into the ring. Good match.

Chavo began working over Benoit's back with punches and kicks. He whipped Benoit into the corner. From outside the ring, he used the ringpost to stretch Benoit around it. Chavo returned to the ring and hit a baseball sliding kick into Benoit, nailing the champion into the post. Guerrero scored a two count off the move, then continued working on Benoit.

Benoit fired back with chops, but was caught with a drop toehold. Chavo kept working on the back, then cinched in a rear chinlock. Benoit fought his way to his feet and tried to backsuplex Guerrero, but Chavo turned in mid-air and ended up on top as they crashed to the mat. Benoit finally got the better of Chavo and went for the crippler crossface, but Chavo grabbed the ropes.

Guerrero continued the assault on Benoit's back with uppercuts and suplexes. Guerrero tied Benoit upside down in the corner. He went for a sliding kick but Benoit pulled himself up and Guerrero nearly crotched himself on the post. Guerrero caught Benoit and went for the Electric Chair but Benoit escaped and landed on his feet. They battled back and forth. Benoit began nailing German suplexes. He nailed seven suplexes total. Really good match.

Benoit covered Chavo for the pin, but Guerrero draped his leg over the bottom rope. Benoit went for the Sharpshooter. Vicky Guerrero grabbed the U.S. title and got into the ring. Benoit yelled at her not to do it, and finally released the hold. Guerrero fell backwards in fear. Benoit grabbed her and teased putting the Sharpshooter on her. Guerrero rolled him up but Benouit rolled through, locked on the Sharpshooter and forced the submission.

Your winner and still United States champion, Chris Benoit!

I thought this was another good match. They told a nice story with Guerrero working over Benoit's back and had some really good physical exchanged. They teased Vicky finally getting hers but it didn't happen yet. It should be interesting to see what they do to get some momentum behind Chavo again after the clean tapout.

They aired a Brian Pillman DVD commercial.

They showed Ashley preparing for the Naughty or Nice Lingerie contest.

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