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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-17 22:47:00

WWE Tag Team champions Paul London & Bryan Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor

Teddy Long came out and announced that, as a gift to the fans, the match was now a Ladder Match. Works for me! Teddy Long then announced that he was adding two more teams, which turned out to be MNM and The Hardy Boyz. The Arena loved this and were chanting for the Hardys before they even were announced. Great move!


WWE Tag Team champions Paul London & Bryan Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. MNMThe Hardy vs. The Hardy Boyz: Ladder Match

All four teams began to brawl as the bell rang. MNM got tossed out. Kendrick and London took it to Team UK (as I will refer to them for simplicity's sake), then tossed them. The Hardys started battling with London and Kendrick. Jeff Hardy hit a jawbreaker on London. The Hardys worked over Kendrick. MNM and Team UK returned to the ring and worked over the babyfaces. The Hardys were over huge. Regal and Taylor worked over the champions with suplex variations in the Hardys and MNM brought ladders towards the ring.

Matt Hardy nailed Team UK with a ladder to the mush. Jeff Hardy nailed Air Sabu off Matt's back. MNM hit Taylor with the Snapshot. Kendrick and London nailed a double superkick on Regal. Hardy hit a elbow off the ropes on Taylor. Kendrick dropkicked Nitro out of the ring.

Matt whipped Kendrick into Jeff, who threw a ladder into Kendrick's face. Jeff tried to climb the ladder but London dropkicked him off. London climbed towards the top. Nitro tried to hit a springboard towards London to stop him but London moved, so Nitro crashed and burned, landing on the ladder after it tipped over. That looked nasty.

Mercury got to the top of the ladder but the Hardy and London & Kendrick picked up the ladder, walked it over to the ropes and tipped Mercury out of the ring into Nitro on the floor. The Hardys whipped London into the corner, where a ladder was waiting. Jeff Hardy went for Air Sabu into a splash but London moved and Hardy crashed into the ladder. They showed several replays of Hardy hitting his head and claimed he had a concussion on Raw.

London went to the top of the ladder but was shoved off by Matt Hardy. He landed on his feet but Hardy clotheslined him. Kendrick climbed up but was pulled backwards off by Matt. Matt tried to suplex London but London broke free and hit a dropsault, sending Matt onto the ladder, which was hanging off the ropes. Kendrick did a double stomp onto Matt, who was on the ladder.

MNM put Jeff Hardy on the top rope and teased a double superplex onto stacked ladders but Matt saved his brother. Jeff Hardy legdropped the ladder, catapulting it into MNM's faces as Matt held them. Mercury was busted open huge with his eye swollen completely shut. It looked like his nose may have been broken. The announcers played it up like a devastating deal and it very well may have been.

The match broke down to UK vs. London and Kendrick at this point as Mercury was rushed to the back. Regal hit a German suplex on London, sending him upside down into a ladder in the corner. Regal climbed up the ladder but didn't want to be up high and sent Taylor up. Kendrick attacked Taylor to stop him but Regal attacked.

They announced that Joey Mercury was sent to the emergency room at the hospital. Nitro continued alone, dropkicking Jeff, who was standing on a ladder outside the ring, through the ropes, sending him to tumbling to the floor. Nitro cleaned house and climbed the ladder. Kendrick failed at pulling him down, but London hit a springboard dropsault off the ropes. Matt Hardy went to the top of the ladder London scrambled up to the top. Hardy backdropped London from the top of the ladder.

Jeff Hardy and Nitro then battled to the top of the ladder. Hardy hit a sunset flip powerbomb into the ring. By the way, this is fn' awesome. Matt Hardy set up two ladders in the center of the ring. Team UK tried to slam the ladders into Hardy, but he ducked. They worked over Matt in the corner. Taylor held Matt in a Fireman's Carry while Regal hit a running knee to Matt's head.

Regal and Taylor both climbed the ladder. Kendrick pulled Taylor down, then worked over Regal with punches. Taylor pulled Kendrick to the mat and clotheslined him. Regal tried to get the belt but Kendrick returned and hit Sliced Bread #2 off the ladder, nearly decapitating himself on the ropes in the process.

Paul London finally grabbed the tag belts, retaining the titles.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick!

Totally fn' awesome if you like crazy spots and all out insanity. The addition of the ladders and the two mystery teams were a great twist as well. There was far more going on here then anyone could type a recap for. This match was more "ECW" then anything we saw on the December to Dismember. The only downside was the obvious injuries to Joey Mercury, which underscored how dangerous these matches are, as well as how talented all these athletes are. Awesome, awesome, awesome match. If the rest of the show tanks, WWE earned my $40 here.

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