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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-17 22:47:00

They aired a video feature on the Ken Kennedy vs. Undertaker feud

Ken Kennedy vs. The Undertaker: Last Ride Match

Kennedy was out first and did his introduction. He called himself the future of Smackdown, then said, "Hell, I am Smackdown." I hate when guys are called the future because if they are on TV now, they are stars. When Kennedy corrected himself, my first thought was, "About time someone did that."

At the bell, Taker came out looking he was fighting in UFC. Kennedy retreated quickly to the floor. Taker finally caught Kennedy in the corner, then chased him to the floor. Taker slammed Kennedy's head into the stairs at ringside, then tossed him onto the Spanish Announce Table. He slammed his head into the table, then launched him into the ring apron.

Back in the ring, Taker charged for a big boot but Kennedy ducked. Undertaker ended up over the ropes and on the floor. Kennedy attacked him in the floor. He went for a running dive off the apron but Take caught him in the air and drove Kennedy backwards into the ringsteps.

Taker began carrying Kennedy towards the hearse but Kennedy slipped out from behind and shoved Taker towards the car. Kennedy worked over Taker and tried to put him in the car. He got Taker in but was unable to close the door. When he opened it, Taker kicked him in the head. They battled back towards the ring. Kennedy tried to escape over the rail into the crowd but Taker pulled him back in.

Taker put Kennedy on the apron and dropped a leg across the throat. Taker dragged him back into the ring and hit a suicide-plex with both men standing on top of the ropes into the ring. Taker tossed Kennedy to the floor.

Kennedy locked Taker in a sleeper on the floor in front of the hearse with the idea that Taker would be out and easy prey to be tossed into the car. Kennedy began dragging Taker to the hearse and tossed him in. He shut the door but needed to drive it out of the Arena. When Kennedy opened the door to get in, Taker was waiting and grabbed him by the throat. He dragged Kennedy back to the ringside area and tossed him into the rail. Taker began clearing off the announce table but was attacked by Kennedy with a chair. Kennedy worked over Taker's ribs and back with the chair. Taker sat up, and Kennedy scampered from the ring.

Kennedy headed towards the hearse with Taker in pursuit. They climbed up the Armageddon set, which was designed to look like a medieval castle. They battled on top of the set. Kennedy teased throwing Taker off the side of the set. Taker caught Kennedy with a goozle and teased a chokeslam but kicked Taker low. He tossed Taker off with Taker taking a big bump into a crash pad below. The crowd gave one of those brief "Holy sh**" chants - the type of chants Kevin Dunn didn't want airing on the ECW PPV that led to a good portion of the crowd audio being muted.

They played it up like Taker was destroyed. Kennedy dragged a limp Taker to the hearse. He tossed Taker into the car, so he's either about to win or we get the undead comeback from Taker.

They had a camera inside the car that showed Kennedy trying to drive and Taker sitting up behind him, like a horror move. Taker dragged Kennedy backwards into the hearse and they spilled out the back. Taker went nuts, unloading with punches and strikes. Undertaker began wrecking Kennedy with a chair. He grabbed a steel pipe, but missed Kennedy and shattered the back window of the hearse. He drilled Kennedy with another chair, this time busting open Kennedy.

Undertaker continued with punches. He tossed Kennedy atop the roof of the hearse. Undertaker grabbed him for a chokeslam and slammed him on the roof of the car. That looked and sounded brutal. Taker then tombstoned Kennedy on the roof. Undertaker opened the hearse door, exposing all the broken glass inside and tossed Kennedy in. Taker then drove the hearse out of the Arena, winning the match.

Your winner, The Undertaker!

Another really solid match. Taker and Kennedy were both working really hard here. I expected blood early, so I was surprised they waited for the ending sequence to bring that aspect out. The big bump off the stage was impressive considering Undertaker's age and stature with the company and looked great but safe. Kennedy more then held his own here and showed some good fire as a heel.

One thing that is standing out all night is that the ladder match burned out the crowd because there haven't been big reactions to a lot of stuff, although nothing's been terribly bad beyond Boogeyman vs. Miz.

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