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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-17 22:47:00

King Booker was preparing for his match.  Finlay came in and said that despite their history, he wanted to promise Booker that he wasn't going to double cross Booker.  Booker said that he wasn't going to doublecross Finlay either.  Sharmell stepped in and said that tonight they were partners and needed each other tonight.  Finlay noted that he had his shillelagh  and his "Little fella" but all Booker had was Sharmell.  Sharmell was offended.  Oh please don't tell me they are building to a mixed tag match!

They ran down the New Year's Revolution PPV.

Santa Claus (Oh Lord, it's Big Dick Johnson, which they aren't playing up yet) made his way to the ring.  He said it's been cold at the North Pole so they were going to heat things up with the Naughty or Nice contest.

Naughty or Nice Lingerie Contest: Leyla El vs. Jillian Hall vs. Kristal Marshall vs. Ashley

They set it up for Ashley go go last, since she's doing Playboy and has to get the big push.  JBL called Jillian, "Lillian" and when Cole called him on it, he responded, "Like I remember women's names.  They're all hot to me."  JBL is really cracking me up here.  Leyla looked beyond amazing and if this thing was legitimate, she would have blown everyone else away.  Leyla got the biggest reaction it seemed but they pushed that Ashley did. 

Santa announced that everyone was the winner, then asked for his music to be hit, revealing himself to be Big Dick  He stripped down and danced with the Divas.  Must be nice to script yourself segments where you dance with a bunch of hot women and scar children for life all at once.  They did a conga line out of the Arena.  Egads.

They plugged the Royal Rumble, noting talents from all three brands would be in the match. 


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