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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-03 22:18:00

Daivari (with Great Khali) vs. Tommy Dreamer

The ring announcer didn't even call Dreamer "The Innovator of Violence."  Wow. The fans chanted ECW at Dreamer.  Daivari sent Khali to the floor.  Daivari tried to attack Dreamer but retreated.  Dreamer had words with Khali, allowing Daivari to jump him from behind.  Dreamer hit a big hiptoss and Daivari retreated to the floor.

Daivari returned and Dreamer took him down with an armbar.  Daivari reversed it and poked Dreamer in the eye.  He knocked Dreamer to the apron and hit a baseball slide on Dreamer. 

Back in the ring, Dreamer caught Daivari with a suplex.  He rebounded off the ropes but Khali pulled the ropes down and Dreamer spilled over to the floor.  The referee threw Khali out of ringside as Daivari freaked out.  Daivari sent Khali to the back and tossed Dreamer back into the ring.

Daivari worked over Dreamer with a rearchinlock.  Live, there was a "We want hardcore" chant that was muted by the PPV broadcast.  Dreamer began battling back with elbows but Daivari took him back down.  Daivari scored a nearfall after working over Dreamer's neck and back.

Daivari locked in a sleeper on Dreamer.  All this offense feels like a 1980s WWF Superstars match.  Daivari wrapped his legs around Dreamer with Tazz saying he was going for a rear naked choke.  Dreamer dropped backwards with an Electric Chair like move.  They both got back to their feet with Dreamner unloading with a ton of offense.

Dreamer backdropped Daivari, then hit an inverted DDT for a near-fall.  Daivari elbowed Dreamer in the face as he charged.  He went to the top.  Dreamer followed him but was shoved off.  Daivari went for a splash but Dreamer moved.  Dreamer tied Daivari to the tree of woe and hit the running dropkick to Daivari's face.  The place yelled "ECW" with Dreamer and started chanting ECW after the move. 

Dreamer went for his DDT.  Daivari rolled up Dreamer and hooked the tights for the pin.  Nope, I'm not kidding.  The crowd kept waiting for old school Tommy Dreamer and got really into the match once they had it for a second, then died when he immediately lost.

Your winner, Daivari!

Dreamer followed Daivari back up to the stage, where Khali grabbed him and slammed Dreamer down on the steel stage.  They showed Khali and Daivari lurking above the unconscious Dreamer, showing several replays of the bump.  Dreamer was telling the EMTs that he couldn't feel his feet.  After a few minutes of selling, he made his way to his feet, fighting to regain his balance.  The place began chanting "ECW" as he showed them respect.

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