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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-03 22:18:00

Backstage, they showed CM Punk preparing backstage.

They then went to a scene of EMTs working over an unconscious Sabu.  Paul Heyman arrived on the scene demanding to know what was happening, saying he was competing tonight.  They began loading Sabu on a stretcher.  The live crowd began loudly chanting, "Bullsh**" which was greatly muted on the PPV production.  According to those at the PPV, the crowd is much louder than it is coming across via the broadcast.

Elijah Burke & Sylvester Turkay vs. The FBI

Elijah said that for the first-time ever, it was the Elijah Burke Experience on PPV.  He said he and Turkay were ready for a fight.  The FBI came with Trinity.  Interesting to note that the official T-shirt for the PPV lists Burke vs. Al Snow on the back, so that was the plan at one point.

Little Guido started with Burke.  Guido ended up stealing Burke's hat and putting it on.  Mamaluke tagged in and worked over Burke's arm. Turkay tagged in and immediately began destroying Mamaluke with knee strikes.  Turkay charged the corner but Mamaluke ducked and he hit hard.  Guido dove off the top but was caught.  Turkey kicked Mamaluke out of the ring, then tossed Guido out of the ring atop of Mamaluke.  Burke tossed Guido back into the ring.

As the match continued, Tazz and Styles discussed what may have happened to Sabu, given what a tough competitor he is. 

Turkey and Burke continued to work on Guido.  Mamaluke broke up a pinfall attempt.  Guido began fighting back and ducked a kick.  Mamaluke tagged in and began cleaning house on Burke.  Mamaluke even took down Turkay with several kicks and a dropkick to the face.  The FBI hit a double flapjack on Burke for a near-fall.

Burke sent Mamaluke into a Turkay forearm.  Mamaluke stagged into Burke, who nailed the Elijah Burke Experience (Jeff Jarrett's Stroke finisher) for the pin.  Guido returned to the ring to look over Mamaluke.  Turkay grabbed him and hit a muscle buster.  As he set up the move, you could clearly hearing a fan screaming, "TNA! TNA!"

Your winners, Sylvester Turkay and Elijah Burke!

Backstage, Sabu was being loaded into an ambulance. CM Punk and Rob Van Dam were on the scene watching and questioning what happened.


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