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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-03 22:18:00

Joey Styles and Tazz discussed how history was just made with the opening match and that history would continue tonight with the Extreme Elimination Chamber.

Rob Van Dam, in a pre-taped segment, said that he understands the risks involved and that he's going to end up with scars on his body.  He says that the ECW title is worth the risk and when you think ECW World champion, you should think Rob Van  Dam.

Matt Striker made his way to the ring.   He took the mic and insulted the crowd.  He asked the fans if they wanted to see him in Extreme Rules tonight.  They cheered.  Striker said we'd see "Extreme Enforcement of the Rules" and that tonight's match would be under Striker's Rules.  He ran down a number of rules, including no moves off the top ropes and challenged Balls Mahoney to see if he can wrestle.

Matt Striker vs. Balls Mahoney

Mahoney and Striker started off with Mahoney outwrestling Striker and locking in a crossarmbreaker.  Striker made his way to the ring.  Striker attempted to go for a test of strength, then nailed Mahoney.  He was whipped into the corner but escaped, so Balls hit the corner with his shoulder.

Striker went right after the arm, working over it with an armbar of sorts.  Striker used some hairpulling to take Mahoney down.  Striker continued the assault, getting several near-falls.  Striker continued focusing on Balls' arm.  Striker whipped Balls into the corner, but Balls fought back as Striker charged.  Balls unloaded with a series of punches.  Striker tried to take him down with an armbar, but Mahoney escaped and continued nailing jabs.

Mahoney went to the top rope, but Striker shook the ropes, forcing Mahoney to crotch himself.  Striker nailed a rolling Fujiwara armbar.  He cinched back hard on it, including a bridge.  Mahoney teased that he was going to tap out but made it to the ropes with his leg.  Striker went for a sideheadlock but Mahoney nailed a belly to back suplex. 

Mahoney made a comeback with a backdrop, with Striker nearly landing on his head.  Mahoney peppered him with punches, finally taking him down.  The fans did the traditional "Balls" chant with each punch.  Balls hit a sitdown spinebuster for the pin.

Your winner, Balls Mahoney!

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