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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-03 22:18:00

Backstage, Paul Heyman came to Hardcore Holly and explained that Sabu was hurt and may not be in the Elimination Chamber.  He told Holly that tonight, he would be Sabu's replacement in the Extreme Elimination Chamber.  He told Holly that it would be every man for himself and that he would be looking forward to Holly in the Chamber tonight.

Live, the entire Arena booed the segment.

Tazz and Joey Styles discussed the change in the main event.   I hope that's a storyline because advertising two matches, then pulling a bait and switch in one of them is a really low thing to do, especially since any fan that watches ECW is likely a Sabu fan as well

Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly vs. Kevin Thorn & Ariel - Mixed Tag Match

Kelly Kelly took the mic and said she wanted to wish CM Punk good luck tonight.  There was a "Punk" chant live.  Knox wasn't happy with Kelly.  Holy crap, Ariel looked beyond hot.

Thorn and Knox started off.  It appeared Knox is growing his hair out, which is good as he had a way better look when it was longer in Deep South Wrestling.  Fertig had a new red outfit.  Fertig cleaned house with a series of moves, following them up with kicks to the back.  They did a lot of gratuitous shots of the women in the corners.

Knox took down Thorn by the hair and hit a running lariat clothesline.  Thorn came back, working over Knox in the corner.  Knox slammed Thorn for a two count.  Ariel was really vocal in the corner screaming, trying to get the crowd into the match.  Knox had Thorn in a front facelock with Thorn finally pushing him into the corner.

Thorn tagged Ariel in.  She demanded Kelly be tagged in.  Kelly looked worried but then tagged in.  Kelly charged but was kicked in the stomach.  Her bump was amateur hour.  Ariel began pulling her hair and grabbing at her.  Ariel kept stomping and chopping her.  She choked Kelly with her foot in the corner.  Kelly looked extremely out of place in the ring.  Ariel missed a charge in the corner.  Kelly struggled to make a tag but Ariel cut her off and hit an elbow.

Kelly tried to make a tag, but Knox looked at her and walked off.  The announcers said Knox set up Kelly after the last few weeks by booking her in this match.  The crowd began chanting for CM Punk.  Ariel began choking her and hit something of an STO, scoring the pin.

Your winners, Ariel and Kevin Thorn!

Tazz called Knox a "son of a b***h" for dragging Kelly Kelly into this instead of just leaving her like a man.  Ariel continued to destroy Kelly.  Sandman's music hit and he made his grand entrance from the crowd.  The crowd was into Sandman big-time live.

Thorn tried to hit Sandman with his walking stick but Sandman evaded and caned the hell out of Thorn.  The fans chanted "ECW".  Thorn escaped up the ramp but Sandman pursued him, caning Thorn the entire way back.  Sandman cracked open a beer on the stage and celebrated.

Michael Cole ran down the matches for the Armaggedon PPV in a few weeks. Hey, wouldn't it have been nice if ECW, I don't know, had the chance to do the same on WWE programming?

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